Not really sure how this happened, but I logged on today to find 100 items gone from my character storage.

Last night my character storage was full at 300 items, and tonight when I logged on I saw it at 200. I have no idea what's missing (100 items is a LOT of items to try and remember, especially out of a full storage of 300).

I know these items were NOT transferred to any of my other storages. I already had (and bulk transferred my materials to) materials storage, and my shared storage numbers didn't change AT ALL. I also know that this is NOT just a graphical glitch, as I am able to transfer more items into the storage (when it was full previously). The only thing apparent is that 100 items are gone, and they seem to have been completely deleted (NOT transferred anywhere).

Can anyone help? I would submit a support ticket, but the "player support" button on this site literally just logs me out and then forces me to log back in again, sooooooooooooooooooooo not really sure what to do.