[Ship 2] The Cute Boys groupchat is currently recruiting, you guessed it- Cute boys! [Discord] [Active] [Endgame-focused]


There has quite literally never been a better time to be a cute boy. So my fellow boys let me ask, why haven't you been invited into Cute Boys yet..? You know we're recruiting only the best right? We're only the coolest, and not to mention the most based group chat on ship 2! We're a tight knit group of cute PSO2 (and soon to be NGS!) gameplaychads spanning multiple alliances & non-alliance frens! We come in different types & flavors and we're always including more! We don't have a designated hangout spot but we're too busy doing content!

Ask your nearest cute boy for an invite today!!!! (Or just message Kikurage in game!)

isn't this that racist group from 4chan? just because you replace "proud" with "cute" doesn't make it any less worse. also I think I remember reporting you in-game, "kikurage" sounds awfully familiar.

@alecto Alright I do not like the accusations you're spewing from your hate-fueled mouth right now. We are trying our best to separate ourselves from our sordid past, and have since cut all ties with those racist, sexist, transphobic pigs. If you want a bad group of 4channers, you should look to the now defunct Instinct alliance. As for your issue with Kikurage, he was in a dark place not so long ago, and he's completely reformed from spouting racial/homophobic slurs, guild hopping and sabotaging urgent quests.

@Kenzsoft oh yeah, you """""disavow""""" racism right? how about you just leave this place before some poor soul falls for your poor attempt at nazi recruitment.