SG Support Scratch

Just wondering how long it will be till we get the sg support scratch anyone know if we should have gotten it yet or if it still to come. I haven't played JP version so I don't know when we should be getting it.

I suspect we won't, or if we do it might be used as a filler set if we have a gap before NGS hits Global.

Besides reduced-length combination revivals and support scratches, JP had 9 6-month scratches. We've had 8 of those combined into 4 scratches, and the last one was broadly repurposed to be Mission Pass, SG Shop and Fresh Finds content mostly around April-May 2020. That covers off pretty much of the cosmetics from JP SG scratch but has been pretty deliberate about not including any of the consumables.

Then again the JP support SG scratches have been shorter, so perhaps on Global they've reordered them so the 6-month ones start before the support ones to allow them all to finish sooner and make way for NGS.

So basically we probably wont get support sg scratch before NGS release if am understanding correctly.

I feel we'll get a sg support scratch soon myself. JP had support scratches before the roots of darkness scratch (our Versus Annihilation scratch). So we could get one anytime. JP has gotton SG support scratches 1 month after 6 month ones started. JP is getting a support scratch mid March and that is known because JP actually gets their updates announced well in advance. But yeah I wouldn't be surprised if we get a sg support scratch within a month, but only a guess.

Guardian Soul Capsule when?

@RikaPSO said in SG Support Scratch:

JP had support scratches before the roots of darkness scratch

Yeah, what I'd described above is that Global hasn't, even once.

Though I have heard that apparently data miners have found there'll be one, so that's either a misinterpretation or there will and it could have been ordered this way on Global for the reason I speculated above.