[SHIP 2] Rainbow Drop [active/social] recruiting.

  • Name: Rainbow Drop
  • Leader: Ansron
  • Type: Active/Social/Semi-casual
  • Active Timezone(s): All
  • Alliance Requirements: Join Alliance Discord, Weekly Alliance points post for activity check, Be Active, Friendly and have fun!
  • Main Hub: Franca's Cafe - Block 8
  • Discord: https://invite.gg/rd
  • Alliance Tree Maxed: ALL BUFFS MAXED
  • Recruitment Officer: Onikage23

Hello! We are an active and friendly alliance who hosts events such as triggers, MPA's, anime/movie watch party's, other games and alliance giveaway events! We are looking to fill our remaining alliance slots and look forward to having you join us! PLease feel free to reach out and contact us here, through discord, or apply through the visiophone, or whisper Onikage23 through ARKS Search>PLayer Search. We hope to hear from you soon.

Basic Alliance Info:


Alliance Current Ranking:


Tree Buffs:


Bump! Rainbow Koi Koi!!!

Bumpity bump 🙂

Please feel free to ping us if you have any inquiries! Cheers!