How do you obtain Rising weapon badges?

I have a few and I do not remember where I got them from. Thanks

@Penndragon87 I know you get some from the mission pass, but I don't remember where the other onesies and twosies came from. Something that was in the CBT.

Sorry to cecro this one. But, I'm looking for a concise answer to this. Mission Pass has some, sure. But, I've had some drop in the game. I want to say they've been a reward for a specific UQ, but I'm drawing blanks with finding accurate information.

This vendor option is also different from the JP version, which is where I would normally backdate the info.

Also wondering, as I need 120 of them. I’d rather save the 14 million. And I’m over farming the saiki set.

@AnamanaAU they drop from Dark Falz, the final battle portion.

I haven't done an analysis to see exactly how many he drops on SH, but you can theoretically farm for them by buying the triggers from the daily store and hosting a trigger party.

Good thing about the trigger is you only fight Falz, so you can farm for Psycho, Elder Rifle, Orocho Agito, and Rising Badges all at once.

There is also a post on Reddit saying it drops from the Nightfall AQ boss. I don't really do Nightfall in my circuit, so I cannot confirm it at this moment.

Falz on SH drops 1-3 badges and 3-6 rainbow astracite from my experience

Cheers for the confirmation. I just did this myself today too and took note. There's the answer to the OP too!

I've randomly got them from UQs and from completing portions of the mission pass.