Where do you get the Lifesteal Strike S Augment?

The augment in question seems to not appear in player shop market, neither I can find it in any of the shopping plaza sellers, where do you obtain the Lifesteal Strike S Augment?

I believe the augment you're looking for is the one you get from +35ing an Atlas Ars (gunblade). It's called S4: Vampiric Strike which restores 1% of dmg dealt as hp (30 hp max). There is another version of this found on the Rivalate gunblade that's called S5: Skillful Adept Will which increases crit by 20%, potency by 2%, restores 1% of dmg dealt (30 hp max) when you crit.

Basically it's from +35ing the atlas or rivalate gunblades.

On global it’s called S4: Lifesteal Strike, it’s also dropping on weapons from the new extreme quest risk realm on both the 4 player and solo versions

I'd also just add that they changed the name to Atlas Alz on global. You can obtain it by either upgrading a Val Alz gunblade at Zig, or changing the weapon category of another Atlas series weapon at Zig. Unfortunately, you can't buy Atlas weapons on the Player Shop, though you can buy Val weapons.

I recall there are two lifesteal abilities but they come from the following:

  • Atlas Alz +35 (Special Ability Factor) - S4: Lifesteal Strike (Restores 1% of damage dealt as HP, 30 HP Max)
  • Atlas Alz EX +35 (Sepcial Ability Factor) - S4: Lifesteal Strike (Restores 1% of damage dealt as HP, 30 HP Max)
  • Rivalate Slash +35 (Special Ability Factor) - S5: Adept Will (+20% Critical Rate, +2% Critical Damage, 1% Lifesteal with 30 HP Max)

If you get the free 3 weapons before that ends you get it for free on one of them good to go. Thats from completing recommended quests 5x times (so you could do all four different ones then repeat the last one twice, for example, to complete in one day). That ends tomorrow I believe?

You can also usually find them on the player market (and other S4), for a bit of a chunky price, on a weapon called 'Sein Burn'.

EDIT: You definitely should grab those free weapons giveaway before it ends if you havent already, its a free Atlas Ex, Rev, Trailblazer. They arent high slots however they are still very good and its veeery worth for minimal effort and the extra weapon core item alone.

@Doom-Smack I have already grabbed the free weapons, I attempted to swap the Trailblazer Gunblade to Assault rifle, but the S grade augments just dissappeared when I swapped weapon categories, feels like a huge loss tbh.

@Charus That should not have happened. When swapping weapon categories at Zig, all augments are supposed to stay the same. You should submit a support ticket for that since it is definitely a bug if they were lost.