So, hi there, I don't quite understand innerworkings of SymbolArts: the one I made appears scuffed.

I decided to make a SA for my character's ARKs ID, and after downloading SAEditor and choosing picture to my liking, I started to work on replicating it. Somewhere in the middle of it I had to get rid of almost a hundred layers, so maybe that played it's role in the end, but the result looks rather fine in both SAEditor and in-game editor. Problems start with chat messages and, unfortunately, ARKs ID


Chat message

Some layers sink down or rise a few levels, other get misplaced, third completely disappear. I thought that problem could be with SAEditor and saved another SA from game through it, but after comparing original and saved through SAEditor they match completely, so problem seems to be in my SA. Does anybody know what I could've done wrong to cause this? My gratitude for answers and apologies if posted on wrong forum