what does techer main have thats overwhelingly better for support?

at level 38 my hot is ticking for 138, my techer 158. i can use jb pas to dps i can dispell i can buff atk/def i can give everyone an on hit reap. i have can cast offesively if i want i can convert my melee to elementsl atks.

only thing im seeing is no timered resource regen smaller ae with buffs shorter duration buffs.

it seems like bouncer brings higher dps with tad less timered utility?

Techter's primary function as support is due to the fact that it has the following skills:

  • Extend Assist: Increases the maximum duration of Shifta and Deband to 180 seconds (normally it is only 60 seconds)
  • Longarm Assist (main-class only): Increases the duration of each individual tick of Shifta and Deband to 45 seconds (each tick normally gives 15 seconds)
  • Critcal Shifta: +20% Critical Rate when under the effect of Shifta
  • Shifta Strike (main-class only): 110% damage multiplier when under the effects of Shifta (normally Shifta just gives an increase to your base PWR stats, not a direct damage multiplier)
  • Deband Cut: Reduces damage taken by 15% when under the effect of Deband (normally Deband just increases your base DEF stats, not a direct damage percentage cut)
  • Deband Toughness (main-class only): Increases HP to 125% when under the effect of Deband
  • Territory Burst: Increases the range of Support Techs
  • Support Range Extender (main-class only): Further increases the range of Resta, Anti, Shifta, and Deband
  • Super Treatment: Healing a Status Ailment with Anti will give increased PP recovery for 30 seconds, both to the Techter and the player(s) healed by them

While Bouncer and Techter may both seem like support classes, Bouncer's skills are primarily made to benefit yourself with the side-effect of extending your Field effects to others, while Techter's skills are made to support the whole party (both your 4-man and the whole MPA), though it is still capable as a DPS class.