Armada EQ doesn't seem to drop many augments...

I'm trying to prepare for when Guardian Soul is possible and well, the Glare augments from the Armada EQ are of course needed. Problem is I never see more than a 5-augment item drop, even with the Augmentalist's Talisman. Anyone have any advice for increases the chances of more augments off that EQ? (Does the 4-man trigger for the AIS fight drop more?)


The only other thing that will help is deband drink with special effect up sub effect. If this is for weapons higher slots ones are pretty reasonable priced at the moment on player stores so it might just be worth buying what you need.

If this is for units most people are making a 3/4s slot base unit cause you can use aug protection to protect your affixes, and then using capsules from the missions badge swap shop, Marks from the Sg support scratch (yet to be released in global), and transfer passes to work their way up to 8s.

Most people are either doing. Guardian soul, Crack V, Absolute Glare or Guardian Soul, Aether Factor, Crack V, Absolute Glare or Guardian Soul, Veteran Resolve V, Crack V, Absolute Glare

Edit: if this for weapons you can use the other Zig weapon the one that makes every weapon unapprasied, appraising weapons yourself gives you a higher chance of high slot weapons, you would use both of zigs weapons for this plus the special effect up from the deband drink

Special Effect up does indeed seem to help, thanks.