Major issue with Urgent Quests and all the power leveling that happened

Due to all the recent campaigns that gave out Exp Tickets and Bonus Keys, we now have a lot of players who are severely under geared for UQs, especially in UH mode.

I know I can run UQ at UH mode provided everyone does their part, but more and more players clearly are not set up for this. I know how to run my chosen class based on my play-style, I'm decently geared up with most of my augments were they should be, and I keep Dimates and Trimates along with Moon Atomizers in stock, plus I set up the right load-out I need for certain UQs.

The problems I keep encountering are:

  • Extremely low damage output, due to weak weapons or low level PAs/Techs
  • Players who are easily KOed, due to weak units or lack of defense skills
  • Players who don't know how to run their class or have no clue of the mechanics for the UQ
  • Extremely slow groups for repeatable/timed UQs (Seasonal based and Armada UQs wind up with longer than normal wait times to get them started)
  • Noone revives or heals anyone, due to players not using healling skills or throwing Moon Atomizers (This is a serious issue, since I lost out on rewards several times)

Now before anyone ask, I do try to run full alliance based runs on UQs, but there are times we can't get the other parties to form in time or not enough people are online or meet the requirements for it, so I get stuck with bad random players in the runs. Because I end up out damaging the bad players, I wind up taking the aggro from a lot of the mobs/bosses and I get hit with several attacks at once causing me to get dropped even when I have full HP.

Now it is not the fault of the campaigns themselves, those were useful in getting other classes up to higher levels, but totally new players (I can tell they are new since they still have the plant icon next to their name) wound up power leveling just to meet the listed requirements for UQs yet they are unable run them and that is where the problem is. We had basically this same problem when the Crimson Fellwyrm first came out, and now its across just about every UQ.

This is a daily routine for PSO2. Expert matching, which is a countermeasure, has not been implemented, and it is considered to be the intention of the global team.

It's not that they got to high level too fast, it's just that they don't want to do anything and expect you to "carry" them since there is no penalty for doing that and they probably have been doing that for a long time already. As in they never had any appropriate rarity gear no matter what level they were on, and it was a miracle if they were upgraded, got exp for dying and went on their merry way. It could be that they are new, but how many times must someone die to figure out that they aren't equipped for the mission? Come on now. More than likely that they are just wilfully ignorant.

Dont forget the trolls who on purpose sabotage other players just to annoy them.

In my recent UQ of VR Training, one player didnt bother doing the quest objectives, just wrote random shit on chat like "Shiva mommy dommy" and didnt try to help carry the efforts of the team, the same player also refused to revive me, what a prick.

Also the "Shiva mommy dommy" obsession of some players is so annoying, I legit sometimes hate the human race.

It should have at least the minimum of attack or defense to check if the player is in conditions to make the UQ. It is really difficult to protect the towers. Dps check is not even mentioned.