Greetings everybody, I am currently looking for an Alliance that is around the European time zones, due to work and other RL related things i am no longer able to do late night hours to interact with Alliance members overseas. I started playing roughly a week or two after the launch on NA, i did swapp over to the Steam version of the game the moment it went more global.

Currently my main Class is "Etoile", it originally was "Bouncer/Hunter(Phantom)" before but i fell in love with the playstyle of Etoile that i wanted to main this one instead. My second most played is currently "Hunter", although i am somewhat relearning it since it has been a while i have played it. In terms of languages i am capable of communicating in "English" and "German", with the latter one beeing my main language.

If there are any EU Time zone oriented Alliances recruiting etc., im easy reachable either here, ingame under the same name (ID:Ramoth, Character name: Ramoth Elggur) or (better) over "Discord (#5226)" for more information and perhaps some small talk beforehand.

Have a good day, and thank you for reading.

Ramoth Elggur [Ship2]