another new player questionđŸ˜€ SHIFT button. is this a dodge?

and how to use it properly?


I'm not sure what it is by default (I have Shift set as Weapon Action), but you can change your dodge to any key through he Keybind options in the options menu.

alt text

Bouncer has a normal Dodge, which is a side-step animation, but its two weapons also have Weapon Actions that can serve as dodges. In either case, utilizing them properly all comes down to timing and if you have taken the Skills in the Tree that extend their i-frames.

cool so it is a dodge i thought it was tied to switching elements so

why use reg dodge? im assuming classbdosge all the time?

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou If you are using Jet Boots, and it is a little spinning hop, then that is your Weapon Action not your normal Dodge, and it does dispel your current element back to the Weapon's default. If you have the Elemental Preservation Ring, then it is better than a normal dodge as it can have more i-frames, but if you don't have said Ring, then it does mean that you will have to re-up your element every time you use it to dodge. However, the best dodge for Jet Boots is actually Normal Dodge-to-Weapon Action, as it has longer i-frames and it preserves element.