how to string more than 3 slills seemlessly?

ui is very clunky what is the best method to use more than 3 diff skills

What are you using to play, keyboard&mouse or controller?

Honestly, all you can do is play around with your keybindings until you find something that works for you.

Some things to look out for are setting your Weapon Action key somewhere comfortable, and setting your back palette modifier key to either click or hold.

For example, on my mouse, I have Attack 1 on Left Click, Attack 2 on Middle Click, and Attack 3 on Right Click with my Back button serving as my back-palette modifier set to "Click" and it works seamlessly for me.

whats your pas set to?

or are i assigning your regular, non pas to mb 1, 2, 3?

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Regular Attack to Left Click, PA1 to Middle Click, PA2 to Right Click, then when I click Back, PA3 to Left Click, PA4 to Middle Click, PA5 to Right Click.

lol wtf this is the most complicated mmo ive played in 30 yeats

Well, despite it being originally a PC only title, the game really was designed to use a controller for the most part.

But you can change practically every keybind, so you can modify things to what suits you best.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou I will say PSO2 is more in the simpler side with the 6 button combos than something like WoW that has 5 hotkey bars and is not enough to put everything that every single class there uses and sure is annoying at the start to get used to it but after a while you not gonna be bothered by it.

@Jamesmor the biggest difference here is that you have to manually switch weapon pallette to bring up more skills.

in other mmos you have like 20 to 30 individuals tiles you can assign a hotkey to and they are visible at all times. here there is no way to hit one key that will string your
pallette into your next pallete.

and in action based combat its more than ultra demanding. ie to switch from pallette 1 to 2 you hsve to hit 3 unrelated commands r then mouse scroll (which is like a stipped gear until it catches) then left click

all the while making sure the boss isnt hitting you.

a better system would be right mouse click last pallete 1 skill in the chain then it automatically goes to pallete 2 skill chain if the same weapon is euipped and so forth.

or you hit button of choice (r) in this case and it auto goes to the next pallete.

ie hit r 2x and now you activate a pallette 2 rows down.

as it stanfs now id rsther judt ging 1 to 3 skills ill just repeat spam because the same weapon pallwte switching is not user friendly.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou If you end up sticking to just 3 PAs per weapon you might benefit from switching to 2-button mode as opposed to 3-button mode. I haven't tried it myself, but my understanding was that the downside of 2-button mode was that it limited you to only 3 actions instead of 6.

I've also heard that setting up chat shortcuts can make things like switching subpallets and rings easier in K/M, but I have no experience with this either. Here's a video that goes over the basics though.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou you really don't need to keep changing palletes, 6 button combos is the common stuff to use here and even more focused in Scion classes that have only 4 PAs per weapon and a weapon action and even with the normal classes there's no much incentive to use many different PAs you don't gonna gain more damage using different ones every time.

the only reason to change palletes is mostly to use a different weapon that is a common practice with bosses that have weapon and element resists or to use a weapon for pp battery and is rare to see now but some also use different palletes to move over the map.

hmm ok- ive been using the 2 button set up-- i tinker with the 3 button set up when i get home