I honestly don't know what this is on my character.

Before I put it a technical support ticket, I just wanted to post here and see if anyone knew what this was.

I'm like 80% positive it's a debuff or something I got from the Coastal Urgent Quest yesterday because I had it on me during that quest, it disappeared, and then reappeared when I got back to lobby. It's persisted through Outfit changes, log in/out, missions, etc. I don't think it's something I activated on my character because I've only added "outfits" and never went to the Salon. Any ideas?

alt text

Well you have to click; this isn't rendering from Imgur. Le sigh.

If you're talking about that thing floating above your shoulder, that is your MAG Device! Press start and on the first tab go down to "Mag". A mag is a mechanical lifeform that provides you with support during missions. You can read more about Mags here https://pso2.com/manual/fundamentals/mag

Either it's your mag, the floating thing beside your character that matches your character's outfit color; OR, it's the tail!

The tail is actually an armor item! It's the item in your back slot, and you can turn it off by going to Customize -> Armor -> Selecting the armor item and then selecting "Engage Stealth"!

@Home-Dog : Haha, after I posted the picture I thought to myself, "People are totally going to think I'm talking about my MAG because it's in the center of the frame and there's a bunch of people asking questions right now." Lol. I should have specified.

@QBlockGaming : My brain is absolutely imploding. I had a Leg piece that had been just out classing EVERYTHING for so long I forgot that Arms + Legs actually show up on the character model. I always wondered what the "Engage Stealth" button did, so now I know. Hahahaha. I feel dumb.


It happens to all of us!! ❤

Don't panic, we all have those moments. I'm glad you learned today rather than way later down the line!! ^^

Funny enough, some of the enemies in the costal area of Wopal can apply Jellen.

I think it's cute how he thought his Mag was a debuff lol.

@Zarozian said in I honestly don't know what this is on my character.:

I think it's cute how he thought his Mag was a debuff lol.

It's extremely cute, and this is the kind of thing I hope the veteran community is enjoying seeing as well; the game through the eyes of newcomers.