Don't you just love when some sniveling piss clutterer buys up the entirety of an already overpriced item?

I'm not going to say what the item is, but I will say it would have looked great with my Kotoshiro Guardian: Ruby (or either of the others) Basewear. Whoever you are, I hope a cinder block made from multiple kinds of feces lands on you from a great height.

Eh it happens, there’s only so many items after a certain point and then it’s a race against the clock. Is it an older scratch item or fairly recent? That affects the probability of you seeing it again.

I remember when I was trying to get Standby 6 emote, only a couple left and one at a good price, went to buy and they all sold so I had to wait a couple months and pay more, that’s market life for you. 😞

I usually empty out of rotation tickets and resell for five times the price. I make the money back in time, and I have a lot more so I can keep doing this and I get to do it more often because my money keeps rising.

Can't relate, especially wishing someone harm for the sake of virtual fashion.

Lmao bodied.

@Intanjible JuSt BuY mOrE lOoTbOxEs