NGS Confirmed To Have 16 Accessory Slots! ;D

@MasterDarkwingz said in NGS Confirmed To Have 16 Accessory Slots! ;D:

I would have to check JP gaming websites for early reviews on performance and accessories to see if they correlate.

I assume this would be kind of hard to figure out just from reviews, without large coordinated testing. The performance hit is probably negligible between putting 0 or 18 points-worth of accessories on your char personally, the performance hit would probably only really be seen in areas like main cities if they were full + every player was wearing 18 points worth.


Aw yeah! So unless the others (if any, most likely A) use more, the halo set will leave 9/18 spare instead of the 1/4 it does in PSO2 now. Thanks @MasterDarkwingz and @mikenek32557985!