Is Microsoft Forcing Subscriptions to play PSO2 Online for Pc?

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@DishSoap As I stated, it was to cover more than the rights to connect, and you wouldn't have responded with that being your only reason as to why you feel as you do, had you taken the time to read my post, instead of skim reading past everything once you saw I was disagreeing with you. The service is more than cost of connection. Take connection out of the equation, and you still have other expenditures I outlined. It's more than the cost of servers, as they pay employees to handle multiple tasks outside of maintenance and upkeep.

Had they not had made some incentive for the reasoning behind paying for a service, such as connection to online games, minus free to play titles, as there were none when Xbox Live first came out, Xbox live, and their console platform as a whole would not be where it is now, because there would be zero profit. In fact they'd be lucky if they broke even on the cost of such a service. Like their Twitch competitor Mixer, the service would be seen as too costly, and a waste of time, and thusly service would be dropped. It's the same reason they got greedy and tried to force everyone to switch to game pass, which is where the company went wrong.

They saw a profit, weren't happy with what they had, and wanted more. Beyond access to online gaming, most don't care about the bonus rented games, and other bells and whistles. Game pass just doesn't appeal to most players who want to own what their money is used on. There's a clear difference however, between an honest profit, and greed, and anyone that's had to work in their life, and deals with payroll, understands that If you aren't making profits, the business model begins to net negative returns, and the money to make up the loss either comes out of someone's paycheck, results in mass lay offs, or the company cuts it's losses and moves on entirely to something more profitable.

I've read your post in it's entirety and my answer is still the same. Yes it's something done purely out of greed and one most people let them get away with. If anything you didn't read my post. That being said we've clearly gone off topic and I'll stop before a mod has to get involved.

@Miraglyth I was a fool and thought they would get their act together, i have rebooted my laptop, reinstalled all drivers hardware and software. i re downloaded pso2 and it still will not launch. lmao i pay premium service and it's going down the drain

It would be interesting to see if another version of PSO2 - in other words the Steam or Epic Games Store versions - launch. If so it'd be another classic problem with the Microsoft Store. If not, it might indicate something common to PSO2 (GameGuard maybe?)

Brief warning though - if you do check and it works, select Exit Game at the first opportunity. If you do anything like change your account name or start character creation it'll prevent your EGS / Steam accounts from being able to link to your main PSO2 account.

@AbsoluteLotus82 I'm so sorry to hear that you're having all of these issues with the Win 10 version of PSO2. Please let us know if you find a solution (via this thread) and/or you continue to experience issues (via the Support link and "Submit a Request" on this site).

The problem was fixed externally. Tell SEGA they should remove the malware-like functions of the original PSO2 launcher/updater which keeps setting erratic NTFS security descriptors to every PSO2 executable file. This effectively removes the NTFS access rights of the local user on the harddisk, locking the user out as the files cannot be accessed to read by users of "Administrators" and "Users" anymore and in turn cannot start the game at all without intervening. This is the real cause of the release meltdown last year and has never been corrected, even on the japanese version of the game.

Or TL;DR: The exe files of PSO2 become pseudo-data trash due to potentially unwanted behavior of pso2launcher.exe and/or pso2updater.exe and need to be restored using IACLS and TAKEOWN.

edit: fixed because it's not only the launcher.

@GM-Deynger Yea this was one worst I've seen it. I was able to have it all fixed. @NoSpax was a very very big help. Thank you for everyone who replied. i can't explain with words how much i appreciate the support. I love this community.