Why can i never join a party?

especially for the limited time quests-- I get party is in special area 100% of the time. Yet I did that kill the demon castle thing-- and someone appeared in my instance?

dont get it

With "joining a party" do you mean a beacon or the quest counter? If it's the later that's because most people usually lock their party with a password (or have some other restrictions in place) while you probably left your party open. Also, some quests are multi party so other players can appear in the same area despite not being in your party.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou said in Why can i never join a party?:

especially for the limited time quests-- I get party is in special area 100% of the time.

Once several quests have completed their preparation countdown, they cannot be joined. This includes the present Limited Quest; right at the start there's a warp with a 30-second countdown. Once that ends (and the 30-minute quest countdown begins), other players cannot join mid-quest and if they try to are given the "special area" message.

This was probably originally meant for bosses at the end of expedition quests, where you can join at any time unless they are already fighting the boss. It makes sense for those. But the mechanism was probably adapted to be used from the very start of other quest types including the current Limited Quest and it makes less sense there IMO.

The frustrating thing here is there's no indication of this at the quest counter, and quests that cannot be joined still appear on the list and still appear to be joinable (if they are not password-protected). It'd be nice if there was indication that it had started so players don't try to join only to be kicked out of the quest counter menu entirely.

so frustrating. why appear in the quest que if theyve started

And just so you know, the quests in progress list is per block.

ive done it both ways.... my block and search other blocks