Didn't receive purchase

I bought the 3k ac pack for 29.99 on xbox and haven't received anything and this isn't my first time buying it. You guys have no official way to contact so I'm having to do it through any means. Is there any way to be able to properly contact?

@ThunderingWolfz https://pso2.com/support#contact-us Try that

I also didn't receive a purchase I made through Microsoft Store, not my first time buying, and it was a gift card

Did you guys ever receive your ac?

I haven’t got mine either I bought 28$ worth going on 48 hours now and still nothing 25$ of it was a gift card the other 3 were from my card

Has anyone received their AC or purchases? Is PSO really just gonna leave this unattended and rob their playerbase?

@OniGensu I also did not receive an AC purchase made over a week ago on MS Store, I was able to refund it fortunately. I raised a support ticket and was told to make sure I was logged into the platform I purchased the AC on, which I was. I have also not received my Xbox Game Pass perks. I am running the most recent version of Windows 10 if anyone is interested. The steam version works fine with my purchases so I can only assume the MS Store version is broken. I upgraded to a newer version of Windows 10 because the game kept getting disconnected from the Store and wouldn't launch which meant I had to reinstall.

So far I have contacted the support and I have heard not a single reply in regards to this incident. I honestly think they are more then willing to rob their player base and not care. I'm more then likely gonna end up having to raise a ticket for this to be refunded since it seems like both Microsoft and Pso are refusing to help sort anything out or give players their purchases.

I haven't received my AC from the Microsoft Store purchase. I purchased SG originally and after the customer support team failed to provide me with an adequate response I made another purchase. This time I screen recorded the entire thing, purchase a small amount of AC on the MS Store with the same payment method, and then logged in to PSO2 using Win10/Xbox install. No AC was granted.

So now I'm patiently waiting for them to provide me with my $100 in Star Gems purchased using a gift card + PayPal to cover taxes and $5 worth of ARKS Cash purchased with PayPal.

Oh, and I haven't received my Xbox Ultimate perk for February, either.

Something is wrong with the Microsoft Store / Xbox purchases.

Note that Steam is working fine. I'm able to load up my Steam install and make a purchase through Steam's storefront without issue. This means that I receive my purchase immediately in-game.

I haven't made any purchase yet using Epic's store.

I'm currently on waiting to hear back from the support team for the purchase I made earlier today on the steam side of things. First time I haven't accredited AC and I'm not a first time buyer. It looks like it went through on Steam side the inventory and it was used up but the client itself just didn't read the purchase.

I've been having the same issue when it comes to purchasing AC via xbox. The last couple times I got a refund through MS but they're saying they can't give me anymore refunds this year. Somewhat relieved to hear I'm not the only one having this problem. I've had to use the steam version instead(which has been working perfectly fine) but now I'm worried I'll be out 100$ and have nothing to show for it.

If they can't get me a refund I'd at least like to get the AC I paid for. Been little over 12 hours since I tried to make the purchase on Xbox. Contacted support on here and just waiting for a reply. I think it's really crappy that I got locked out of getting a refund over something that isn't even my own fault.

I'm having issues with XBOX as well and there's nobody helping. I purchased AC to renew my premium a few days ago and never received it. I was billed and it shows in my order history. So I requested a refund and received the refund immediately. I re-purchased and still no AC showing up. Microsoft's support is a joke. I've been all over their support site and I can't find anywhere to contact a human being to look into this specific issue. I've never had an issue before but obviously there's something going on. Sucks because I'm pretty much locked out of my premium content in the game.

EDIT: I finally was able to talk to a very helpful and nice rep at Microsoft. After about 45 minutes of troubleshooting with them pushing the purchase through it still would not show in-game. They said it was an issue with the game client not updating the purchase. They tried several times and insisted it was a game issue. We'll have to see what I hear back from SEGA I guess.

I made a purchase earlier today on the Epic Games Store, put in a support ticket as I have not received my AC.

Any word on this from anyone?

This is definitely frustrating enough that I may find a different game...

I made several purchases this past week and haven't received any of the items or AC. Purchased from the Steam store and when I try to contact support it gives me an error in the URL bar saying invalid email or no username... If i don't receive tonight i'm refunding all of it and quitting this game, as much as I hate to.

I just purchased 50$ worth and have yet to get it. I emailed them so hopefully it will be resolved but if I can't get my money back I'm going to be pretty upset.

I still never received the AC I purchased through Xbox and they are now denying me a refund. UGH! For the heck of it I loaded up the game on my PC through Steam and made an AC purchase. I had to wait exactly 24hrs but the AC did show up. So now I need to deal with Microsoft and try to recoup my money. This needs to be fixed!