really new 2 day old player needs MAG upgrade advice

So ive read about the fortunate caveat that we can GO DEX for our mag. Thus, Ive been feeding my MAG ORANGE weapons. ( is this correct?)

This has lead to it being level 39? (im not in game- and my level is 21 fighter, 19 bouncer, 13 hunter, 8 braver: atm im 19 bouncer/13 hunter)

The MAG stats are 39 melee and 4 dex? is this correct and how the DEX progression is supposed to go?

Thank you for any input!

To raise only DEX, you need to feed your Mag PA/Tech discs, not any weapons; in addition to this, you can get DEX Mini Food Devices from the Photon Drop Shop that raise DEX without having the limits of normal feeding.

You can still make your Mag a pure DEX Mag, but it will take a bit of time. To do so you need to:

  1. Make sure you aren't raising MEL anymore, and just get DEX up, so just feed your Mag PA/Tech Discs.
  2. Once your Mag is over lv100 (preferably lv139, assuming you only raise DEX from here on out), you can start reducing the MEL on your Mag using Mag Level Down Devices.
    • These cost 5 Excubes each from the Excube Shop, so you'll need 195 Excubes to completely remove your current MEL.
  3. Keep leveling DEX until your Mag hits lv200.


btw where is the photon drop shop and excube shop? and can i buy that with meseta? rather than all the hard to come by badge types or cash shop?

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou The Excube and Photon Drop Shops are on the second floor of the Shopping Plaza; in the central part of the Shopping Plaza, face toward the Casino entrance, and take the stairs that go up toward the left, and you will see a line of vendors.

You can buy Mini Food Devices from the Personal Shops, but they tend to be a little overpriced, though Photon Spheres (the item you use to buy the Mini Food Devices) tend to be a little more affordable; that said, as you level up, Photon Spheres will become more common, especially once you can run Extreme Quests.

Level Down Devices cannot be bought from the Personal Shops, so you need Excubes; that said, Excubes become fairly common when you play at higher difficulties, with you being able to trade junk 10*+ Weapons and Units for them via the Swap Shop.

hmmmm sounds like i should reroll as im only 2 days in ad have tinkered into maky diff classes.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Well, you do have 3 free character permits, so you can do so if you want, but honestly, it isn't that dire to fix your Mag immediately, it just takes a bit of time to get to a point where the needed resources become more common.

Oh, also, if you have been completing your Main ARKS Missions, you should get a box of Mini Food Devices for reaching level 30 (50 of each type), and this can be done per character.