PSO2:NGS Locked items clarification

So I was looking thru this post

And something caught my eye. The post saying that locked items and stealthed units won't transfer over. The units I guess I could not care about but I lock all of my outerwear and outfits by default to prevent me from accidentally selling or trading them in. If they are locked does that mean they won't transfer and I have to unlock them all before NGS comes out?

If anyone can clear this up it'll seriously put my mind at ease.

When that chart talks about shared content it means when you move your character between PSO2 areas and NGS areas, it doesn't mean something like they're doing a mass-conversion of item data on NGS release that will blow things away from base PSO2.

As an example, in that section a little bit above it says "Pets: N" because summoner doesn't exist in NGS. But it's not like the Summoner job's having all of its pets deleted in base PSO2, your pets will still exist but when you go to NGS content you won't be able to use them. Same thing with "learned photon arts" in the same section not transferring, the combat system in NGS is just changed so it uses different PAs (but your character will still know all their PAs in base PSO2).

So stealthed units are N because NGS doesn't have units in the first place, so there's nothing to stealth, but they're not removing stealthed units from base PSO2. I assume with the locked items it just means if you put a weapon into your storage in PSO2, you can't access it from NGS as long as it's locked.

So, I wouldn't worry about it. If you want to access a PSO2 item from NGS, you probably just have to unlock it before you're able to see it in your character storage in NGS.

@NekoN7Templr as Akonyl said, this is not a matter of data transfer. Once NGS has started, we'll be able to go back and forth between the two worlds, there won't be some data transfer each time we move. It's just a matter that NGS uses the PSO2 side data in the same way, or NGS handles the data in some different way.

Then having a closer look on this case, the unit stealth part seems to be easier to understand. Units are not visible in NGS (*1). In other words, we can say they are always on stealth in NGS, regardless of the stealth status on PSO2. Marking this as "N" makes sense.

Yet the item lock status is a bit worrying. NGS also has the item lock feature (*2). Usually, we assume the lock status has the same meaning in both worlds, I guess. What locked in PSO2 is also locked in NGS and vice versa. But the announcement shows "N" mark for this element, then what does it mean? Is it possible that something locked in PSO2 is not locked in NGS? I hope for a clarification on this point.

One possibility came up into my mind is that these item lock status and stealth status are handled with a single variable in PSO2.

Like this
0: not locked, not in stealth
1: locked, not in stealth
2: not locked, stealth activated
3: locked, stealth activated

If that's the case, then this "Locked Items and Stealthed Units" data might have been considered as "N" just because of the stealth element, even if the locked status is shared. But then, according to their notification, this case is better to be labeled as "△", I suppose.

Either way, without further explanation, this is somehow puzzling point, IMO.

(*1) - See section "Regarding the power of Weapons and Units you obtained from PSO2".

(*2) - From the CBT playing manual. The screen shot on the "アイテムパック (itempack)" section shows a sub command of "ロック (lock)".

If locked items in PSO2 won't be locked in NGS, then that makes it even more similar to Challenge Mode.

We'll have to wait and see after the second CBT, since it will be characters made solely from scratch.