Regarding availability of PSO2 in The Netherlands and Belgium

PSO2 is not available in certain countries like The Netherlands and Belgium because of a specific law targeting the system of loot boxes (scratch tickets in PSO2). I have been looking into this law and would like to give some insight.

The law regards loot box systems where the player can sell items outside of the game, so for real life currency. This however, is not the case in PSO2. You can sell the items on the Player Shop for Meseta and not for real life currency. If a player were to sell Meseta for real life money they would go against PSO2's terms of service and will be banned, so that is not the issue either.

Let's take CS:GO as an example because that is where this issue began. Within CS:GO you were able to open up boxes and sell the contents directly for money through the Steam Marketplace. This is against this specific law. Besides that there are a lot of other games with loot box systems that are still available as before. Let's take Runescape as an example. Runescape has their equivalent of loot boxes known as Treasure Hunter. You get to pick 1 out of 5 chests and you will receive a reward. The rewards vary from experience items, tradeable- and untradeable items and even Runescape's in-game currency; gold.

So why is it that PSO2 is not available in The Netherlands and Belgium then? Maybe it could be reconsidered.

is not "available" via Steam and is because these laws, because there are holes in the laws and can be used from both sides some companies decided to not take any risk with then.

but even with that you can still play PSO2 in Netherlands and Belgium because the restriction only applies to Steam that is where the game was released globaly and not on Microsoft Store that it was only released in US but Windows 10 and Xbox store allows you to change locations and download applications from other regions without the need of a VPN.