Unable to Appraise Items ?!

Hello pso2 Community,

i have a rather small but annoying problem. When i try to appraise any special weapons i canßt choose the Augment to Add. it is simply an empty without options. If i still try to appraise it says Appraisal failed? I aulso made another character but i seems like my account is cursed 😄

maybe someone knows what is wrong with me and my account ;/



Hello! Please submit a ticket for this through the support menu on this website. Thank you!

@GM-Deynger I have the same issue since 3/17. I have already sent in a ticket. Still cant appraise items :(. my storage is getting stacked with ? weapons.

I had the same problem the first few days untill I tried this. I logged of to title screen, pressed the xbox button until the menu pops up to shutdown / restart console and there I restarted the console. Started PSO2 again, logged in and then I went directly to the tekker to appraise items. After that it worked, I was able to choose besides the Element also an Augment which was empty before. The problem didn't happen again since then. Maybe this helps

@Blucky6767 Bruv my lord and saviour. Thats so weird how powering off the xbox puts it to sleep. BUT i just restarted and went into game. And finally its working. <3333

That IS odd. Thank you for sharing though!

@Blucky6767 this solved my problem as well.

Huh. Good to know, thank you for sharing that @Blucky6767 !