What crit ring should I use for etoile wand?

Melee or technique? The mag thing that gears the wand augments to melee is confusing me. Because I was wondering if etoile was intended to be an entirely melee class. Thanks in advance.

Etoile-main is entirely Melee damage multipliers, even for Wand, so you would use Critical Strike: Melee (R).

The two class skills Wand Augment Power Boost and Etoile Mag are pretty confusing, some additional info might be useful, I hope.

  • Mag can be either of Melee, Ranged, Technique mag. All effectively work as a Melee 200 mag.
  • Wand augments can be either of Melee or Technique. The higher stat will be used as a Melee modifier. Usually tech augments are cheaper to affix.
  • All other elements, like augments on Double Saber, Soaring Blades or units need to be Melee.

Was mixing the etoile mag with the wand augment skill in the OP, if I confused anybody.

Use either the Melee crit ring or the composite crit ring since both work well for Etoiles.

the composite crit ring is good as you can just use it as a universal ring downside is the long grind for it

@ShadowBlood89 If you level up the rings needed to make the composite while running bonus keys, that helps lower the grind and speed up making the final result

@LazerRay xD i grinded the mats an exp on the rings but was rough as if your not prepping ahead of time for the materials is quite the grind. i didn't spend money to get the materials so farmed them out on 3 characters an got extra incase of enchancement fails

@LazerRay Getting levels is easy, although time consuming. Getting the materials is RNG, and getting materials for food (with more of the same RNG, of course) to increase your chance of getting what you need for the rings is dumb designing. Like, i made a new character, and i had one ring at max exp way before i had the materials for it, so leveling up the next on the list was no problem.