What weapons will be in NGS so far

The 3 main classes are Hunter, Ranger, and Force, so what weapons will we be able to use from what weve seen so far?

As of now, the 6 confirmed classes are Hunter, Fighter, Ranger, Gunner, Force, and Techter, and they will use the same weapons they do in the base game.

It will be hard to determine since we will also be able to combine weapons of different types

Though, I did hear quite a number of rumor of Luster being a class in NGS, dunno if the rumors are confirmed or not, but the existence of Gunblades in NGS may lead to it.

I already wondered, where Gunslashes would go. As all classes have their signature weapons and gunslashes do exist, there must be at least a class, which utilizes them. If the rumor is true, at least one Scion class will carry over as a normal class. Although Gunslashes are a bit of wierd mix of sword and handgun, I am not even sure, how weapon mixing would work on them.

wait..... for NGS is it a complete new character reroll?

i just started playing last week-- and its a grindy game, i dont want to do all this grinding it we are going to have to reroll

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Technically, NGS is a new game with new areas and new character progression, but you can transfer over some stuff from the previous game as a "head start" of sorts, though this is primarily restricted to cosmetics and weapons/armor (stat conversions will occur for these, and even the highest PSO2 gear will eventually be outclassed when later content is released in NGS); basically, the transfer of stuff from PSO2 is like how you used to get perks from having a previous game's save data when booting up its sequel.

.... so we all are starting at level one? and no scion classes? ill jsut wait til its out before leveling further then.

@VI-Lycan-Lupgarou Yep, on NGS we're starting from level 1, but, note that the current PSO2 is not going away, it'll be possible to switch between PSO2 and NGS the same way we switch blocks currently.

Progression is separate between PSO2 and NGS, so when playing in the PSO2 mode, you keep your current progress.

Think of NGS as a totally separate game. That it's attached to PSO2 means very little.

@LazerRay Can you elaborate on "Combine weapons" part? It's like we will be able to combine an Assault rifle and a sword into one single weapon?

@Charus There was a short Twitter post I got through my alliance's Discord about weapon combining, but it didn't mention much detail on how it works.

@Charus From my understanding, it basically works like this:

You can combine two weapons of the same series (ie. they both have the same line name, like Sure Rifle and Sure Sword) into a single item, and it will allow you to use the PAs from both weapons on the same palette seamlessly without having to actually switch weapons, assuming that you have the right Main and Sub Class.

So yes, you would be able to combine a Sword and Rifle so you could put Rising Edge and Piercing Round on the same palette, but could only use the PAs if you are Hunter main or sub with Ranger or Gunner main or sub.

When you really look at it, Gunslashes are a pre-NGS form of "weapon combination" of Sabers and Handguns from PSO/PSU.

Maybe we'll see the return of those weapon types in NGS, which can then be combined into Gunslashes proper?