ep 6 Risa npc talking japanese on english setting

not that i mind but yeah i invited risa ep 6 version to do a quest and she talking japanese for some reason no idea why. i switched between the normal and ep 6 seems only ep6 version is talking in japanese

The same thing happens in divide in the boss appearance cut scenes with dialog.

I reported this bug a while back in these forums, but it was ignored


well this is not exactly the first time this is happening, pretty much every episode this happens

idk before was another npc now it's risa eh working as intended

Like I said in my thread on this bug, it happened before with the Gemini Dark-Blast, now with the episode 6 Risa follower (both ally card and E-Code popup), her original version works fine.

Bumping this. Episode 6 Risa speaking japanese upon recruitment here too.