Rarely see any other Force players

So I'm fairly new to the game with a little under a month played, normally I try to look for players that play the same class or a similar build when looking for references on how or what I should build, but upon looking into "Nearby Characters" even in an almost full Block 001, I feel like I never see any other Force players at all, let alone Fo/Et as that was the build path I liked and chose to go with. Curious if it's just because the Scion classes are just that much stronger, especially the very recently available Luster

The newest class will always be very popular to use for a while, just due to the fact that it is new, so there really is no helping it.

That said, every well built class combo is viable, as it mostly just comes down to knowing how to play it, so it's not so much that Scion classes are that much stronger, it's just that they are a little less high-maintenance than older classes.

Fo/Ph is what people recommended to me, due to the stealth tech charge and other things. Allowing you to move fast while charging.

I believe that there's no such thing as a right or wrong build but rather that it's a matter of personal preference, for example I went with hunter/force because I prefer to use a smash mouth in your face style of offense but other builds might be suitable for those who prefer a long range style of attack so it all comes down to individual choice and that's the bottom line because stone cold says so

I tried Luster a few days and as much as I wanted to like it, if I want to play DMC/Bayonetta I will just turn that on. On PSO2, I just like to throw a "library of spells" at the enemy. And I also like not kissing the hypnotic floor pull after a mistake or two. After the great strange magical experience of leveling wand Etolie, it has been a boon for Force with the uninterrupted casts, the large resistance that nullifies most of Ultra Hard damage spikes and the outrageous general boost to technique damage.

So I am back to Fo/Et myself too. Usually, you just need to use the card "Gizonde goes brrrr" on everything and it is so chill with no gears to fill, no combo to take care of. But also, I cleared the Extreme Solo yesterday, a bit tense against stage 5 as I had the upgraded boss cause I DPS'd too hard the stage 4 ones but I just fumbled around with Defensive Techniques parrying and short hop dodging and made it having to use up most of my Fire/Ice/Lightning stuff and the Ice/Light simple compound while using high HP restoring items with the Mate ring cause there was the restoring curse going on. So it can be more than just Gizonde spam.

I am a bit annoyed though that Episode 6's main bosses seem to have Techter based weaknesses only. Light/Dark/Wind doesn't do "bad" damage, but still... it isnt the "specialty". I hope NG makes Force the "elemental mastery" class with all that talk about status application there on the gameplay show and there aren't "less boosted" ones.

@Potehto as I previously stated there is no right or wrong build so feel free to experiment until you find what feels right for you