Mission and Quests demands.

You know. It would be great if the Quests, Missions, Clent orders etc had in the quest info had the type of elemental weapon/s that is required.

That way you could get prepared before you do it. "Or is there something in the game like that somewhere. I am still a newbie and it sucks not having the right weapon before you go in.

is not really needed, most of what you gonna face are trash mobs and hitting then or not with their elemental weakness won't do much when they die pretty fast the only that are affected by it are the bosses however most of the strong bosses are weak to light and Luminmech are weak to dark

but if you still find that a problem then use one of the classes that can change the element of their weapons like Force, Techter or Bouncer or Luster that removes the element of the weapon and instead uses different styles depending of the element.

Elemental damage on your weapon isn't really a damage type. It's more of an additional damage added onto your weapon so even if you're not hitting the right element you're still dealing additional damage.

Ah ok, Thanks for that!