Future for Currency and Resources?


Long time gamer here with some points that I have noticed from playing games such as Phantasy Star Online (PSO), Guild Wars, World Of Warcraft (WOW) and .Hack. I have played a lot of games and my number one nuisance is how certain items lose value or gain insane value due to scarcity or player influence. One of the reasons I love PSO2 is that you can trade in badges or new/older badges to get various items. Most items you get in game can be traded in at various conversion rates for items you want. I agree with this but wish it is was more transparent. It is a hassle to have to run and find the particular vendor who wants item A so he can give me item B which I have to hand over to someone else to get item C. In the future this would all be automated much like the Trade Market/Stock Market. It is weird in the future we still have to use an antique Auction House (AU) system to find items we want. Even games like WOW have updated their AU to reflect this.

Shared Currency

One of the things that is very problematic in WOW is Bot-farming, whether they are farming currency of items, it is a huge issue. It can cause prices to drastically fluctuate on the market as those with more gold can corner markets on certain items or make it impossible for people to sell items they spent quite some time cultivating. It has reached the point where many players now run around Multiboxing to earn huge amounts of rewards in MMO's.

I saw a video today from Anamana regarding a rumour that PSO2 NG has shared account currency and account bound missions. This would prevent multiboxing farming currency/items if it existed. I did notice he wasn't too thrilled about it. I was glad as it meant it rewarded players based on their dedication to the game rather than how many clients can they run at the same time. I would much rather have it reward players for playing/logging every day for a month rather than how many characters you have complete a mission per day/week.

Blizzard's only answer to botting is to ban the player, they can't prevent multiboxing and neither can they limit the reward as it is not a shared currency/mission system.

I look at it like like trying to protect your crops, you can build a wall around your plants but insects will always find a way in and chow down on your plants. Or you can use pesticide to prevent the parasites from having a good time. I think having a shared currency/resource centre will make it harder for multiboxing or currency farmers to make profit off of the game.

Also as a side benefit it will be easier starting new Alts (Alternate Characters) as you will already have access to the currency/resources without having to resort to your Bank to facilitate the swap.

Shared Resources

In regards to shared resources, I do find it annoying and weird that they take up space in the bank and inventory. I am sure in the future I can call a pickup taxi/service to take my cabbages home for me and stick them in the fridge. Duels of the Ancients (DOTA), they have a courier service that lets people purchase items in combat. Obviously that would break PSO2 if you could buy things in combat but I certainly would see no issue with having drop stations in game that allow you to access your bank & etc. Dino Crisis 2 had several stations littered throughout the game which made it very great to purchase med packs and gun ammo. I am sure we could make them so they are easy to get to in easy levels and become more and more scarce the deeper you navigate into the labyrinth. We could use these relay stations to send items we have accumulated into our banks, like how the time based missions holds onto the items for you until the end where you make the items you want.

With regards to Resources taking up bag/bank space such as Fruits and Ore, I don't think they should. Especially since low level items become worthless. I feel they should be treated as key items, something you can look up and see how much you have but don't take up any bag space. Lore wise you can argue that all Produce and Minerals are collectively stored on the space station/HUB for shared communal growth. You can even have it so that you can earn points for what you gather that you spend on-ship to buy resources. Lets say you farm 100 level 1 Watermelons and want to purchase 10 level 2 Carrots. Rather than trying to sell those fruit on the Auction House and use the tickets/currency to purchase the vegetables you need. You use the points you got harvesting the fruit for the station and spend them on the vegetable you require. Yes this comes from Star Trek, no I did not come up with this. The nice thing about this is as your characters share currency, even the resource buying currency, it would make it easier building items for your Alts. So you can farm with your high level main character to procure items for your Alt without having to use an intermediatory service like the Bank/Auction House. This also means that if you prefer farming in once specific zone you can use those resources to acquire other ones you need. It also means that players who no longer require low level resources can trade them in for higher ones or vice versa.


PS I apologise for all the text.

if you don't know you can send everything you collect directly to storage without requiring to finish the quest you are doing so the part of a currier is not needed you can already do that in-game and outside of character storage, all others are shared for all characters in the same server and there are shops in quests but only in certain modes, after all most quest don't punish you for going back to the landing ship and buy mates and atomizers.

materials filling space is somthing that won't be changed, is being like that for a long time and they are keeping the material storage so it will continue to be like that even in NGS, it is annoying but is not difficult to deal with it, now I hope they stop doing currencies like medals and badges into itens in the inventory and instead make then account currency.