Extremequest Risk Realm loot....

Hi, dont know if im here right cuz i didnt find any topics about this in other forums :3 So i wonder about the Loot in Risk Realm... i got a lots of 13* Units with Lesser Might/Stam/Spirit/Tech as Augmenfactor but no Lesser Precsion IV ... are these units missing in the loot? I looked at the JP wiki and all units are from Divide quest... why is there every kind of lesser IV in risk realm except for Precision IV???? Is this a bug or rly bad luck Oo?

I personally haven't played this quest at all, but at least from the drop info of JP Swiki and comments on that page, it looks like that actually Lesser Precision IV AF units are missing, even if all other Lesser IV types are present.


Strange, but it seems what the situation were on the JP server.

im calling this discrimination of stats xD call the police

I didn't know about this discrimination and surprised about it... 😢