Will our meseta earned in original PSO2 will be transfered to NGS?

Whether requering you to transfer from your meseta store or automaticaly, will we able to transfer Meseta we grinded from PSO2 to NGS? And what about out fashion clothing items that we bought and used?

No, it won't (as per the link in the second post above.) In addition, you won't be able to use consumables from PSO2, or sell PSO2 items in NGS for N-Meseta. (This likely also means Izane Crystals and other meseta-only drop items that have no other use.) Despite Default Storage being shared between NGS and PSO2.

Darn... Oh well, atleast we all be starting from fresh page when NGS launches.

For NGS we free to play players will gain additional character slots for NGS?

@Charus We don't know, but, someone posted in another topic that NGS dailies/weeklies are account bound? If that's true, then having multiple characters won't give an advantage anymore when it comes to those.

You see with 1000 years of inflation the value of meseta is so low that it is worthless.

@Charus WELL...

sure, you COULD make a new character just for NGS, but well...

Your gear can carry over to NGS (weapons and units), but they won't be as powerful as they are in the base game. In fact, said gear is really more of a "Temporary Stopgap" for use before the higher tier gear becomes available.

That or ya make gear of comparable strength in NGS, then ya can return said old gear back to PSO2 (though your character storage) and use your brand new (and most likely better) gear.

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Kind of off topic, but somewhat on...

I'm kind of in the thought that weapons (and really, units) shouldn't be transferable. We have tons of god-tier, historic items that will come over as a shade of their former selves. It was already a pity to see items like the Lavis Canon turned to obsolescence within PSO2. Now it'll end up being even worse.

Just as there were old-types and new-types, there will probably be genesis-type versions of the weapons. I really wouldn't invest super hard in transferring anything at all between the two besides accessories, which are thus far the only transfers without significant caveat.

Basically, NGS is a new game entirely and they intend to have NGS versions of most everything eventually.

@_Flux_ Something like that is already happening to clothes, old clothes that are adapted into the new character models and re-released are named N-something.

I wouldn't be surprised if PSO2 weapons would be re-released on NGS as N versions once we start getting higher rarities. There's even the possibility we could get options to convert PSO2 weapons into N versions?

I dunno if they'd undermine a potential progression with that, but it'd be interesting to see if Lavis Cannon could eventually become a Lavis Cannon N (or G). Frankly, I'd rather they offer some-- even if premium-- route to convert the clothes more than anything, as the clothes had cost real money to some people, but that doesn't appear to be the route they are taking so far.