dark phantom effect information needed

can someone provide info/link to info for how the dark phantom potential works..

like, what effects are added and how are they determined (ie is it different for each one or are they grouped into different groups that each have a different effect and how to tell the grouping)?

My google-fu was too weak to find a good English reference for this potential, so I'm putting an excerpt from the JP Swiki page.


There is an effect not shown in the in-game potential description. The weapon potency raises along with the amount of the blast gauge (5%/6%/7%).

As for the main effect, once the photon blast is unleashed, you'll gain additional bonus effects, depending on the type of the photon blast unleashed.

  • Helix type: +6% potency
  • Cetus type: +40% PP recovery speed
  • Julius type: reduces damage taken by 15%
  • Troy type: -20% PP consumption

Additional notes.

  • If you equip another mag during a quest and unleashed a different type of photon blast, the bonus effects are cumulative.
  • Changing areas will keep the bonus effects.
  • The bonus effects are cleared when you return to the gateway ship.

The Redux version has a better potency boost (18%/19%/20%).

awesome! i did some digging but couldn't find anything!

your google fu is over 1000!