Buying GF for Valentine Day

Hey I'm looking for some lovely ladies, who are into playing PSO2, who would be free around now till Valentines day who would be interested in playing PSO with a friend who had some plans to ask a girl out on V-day but she blew him off to go play League Of Legends or something? So I says to him dude why are you trying to romance a girl outside of your gaming sphere you know how the League players are~

None of this is set in stone But here is what we got: Looking for single gamer girl in-between the ages of 21-30 Has to be punctual Who interest revolve around more of the grindy stuff in PSO2 like: farming for Veterans Resolve and Crack or what ever can make lots of Mesta for fashion

My Friends Traits:

Wholesome Soft spoken Very motivated/independent Graduated top of oh class in graduated top of his class in the Arcs Academy Loves attention (secretly a head pat slut ) Does not know what comradery on the battlefield is: There is a self healing ability in the game that players can use Mains Summoner but has like every class Lv.80 or Higher Loves Avatar creation/molding foo Virtual Reality Chat (VRC)

Any luck with your friend? He seems like a nice guy!