4k Scaling is a little rough for this game.

I'm playing this game on an Xbox One X, and it seems like the game is attempting to render it at 4k regardless of TV resolution.

Text scaling is really bizarre, even with the 4k-size text options there's information that still gets obscured or misaligned (Coordinates in zones, PSE Effect warnings, etc).

It would be really nice if there was a "performance" mode where it rendered the game at 1080p with enhanced performance as well, as it seems the game is rendering at 4k even though I'm on a 1080p display and just sampling down to 1080p- I could be wrong, but it does seem like that.

If you use the larger text size, it automatically uses 4K, since the larger font is only available in a 4K resolution.


if I use any text scaling other than 4k Medium, I can't read the screen. It's miniscule, and I'm sitting ~3 feet from my television.

Same, 4K - Small fits the UI but is too small for anyone with 20/20 or worse vision. Please fix the 4K - Medium and 4K - Large so none of the UI gets cut off.

There is a huge font issue with game.