I am in a dead alliance and willing to move, as I'm trying to get as much done on my "bucket list" before NGS arrives so I can have lots of good stuff to bring over.

I'm semi-hardcore and can be a bit boastful, but I'm usually helpful and nice and very knowledgeable in many areas and still have room to improve. I'm also an Role-player, but it isn't a hard requirement as I belong to a group for that. I am the player that wants to experience everything a game has to offer to fully enjoy it. I also like being in groups all the time. Soloing is not my strong suit, but I'm not one to be carried or leech either.

What I am looking for:

  • I want to be able to do AQs, UQs, Ults, any and all triggers, PVP for the missing cosmetics/emotes I need, Divides, Endless, Busters, and anything else required to get my 6 characters all ready for NGS.

  • Helpful and friendly community that is willing to do the above things.

  • I do not want to be an alliance point / alliance ranking monkey. I had enough of that in my JP days. We'll be getting that 50k limit per person soon.

  • I'm active in EST hours usually in after noon to 1 AM or so.