Add Client Order / Quest to Display Screen for NGS

Is there a way to add the client order to the screen like other videogames. Or is going into the Client Order menu the only way to check orders quest?

Good news, a way to track such is in fact a feature added to NGS as far as I'm aware.

But currently you do indeed need to open the client order menu itself.

@SuccubusAlice Thank you! That's great news! Helpful for gathering quests. Example Desert Crab Croquette - Target Item Desert Crab x 5 Abandoned Mine potato x 10

Yeah having in-progress and progressable client orders appear on the overlay would be a fantastic quality of life addition IMO.

@Miraglyth yeah! Good to know others find value in displayed client orders!

The only thing it does show is when you reach a quota for a requirement for the CO and when you have a collection item added to your inventory during a quest. It would be helpful to be shown kill status so you don't have to open up the CO window and find what you are looking for just to check how close you are or if you finished the CO and didn't notice.

Yeah, the quota's always kinda bad though because if you're dashing all around a map it's not uncommon for the notification that you finished a requirement to lag like 20 seconds behind or something (though the sound still happens exactly as you finish it).

WRT the main topic, there's some NGS vids that show off the new CO-tracking feature, like:

Thank you @Akonyl that video was awesome!