Toxic player

Good day everyone I just wanted to say I've encountered this toxic player who literally was spamming my pm and being annoying calling me gay... tbh I don't really care but its annoying and he was running from me because I wanted to report so he can learn his lesson he's usually hangs out in block 2 in ship 1 and his id is Chaos Master I don't remember his tag but I know it was weird.... Anyways I just wanted to say that and please knock some sense into him because its not 2015 or whatever unless he's a kid using the same stupid jokes that people used when they were younger and got told off for it. Anyways thanks for reading have a great day everyone.

@Cephalon-Neo just report and block him

@TURION-MOONSTAR I did but I don't think anything as happened...

@Cephalon-Neo said in Toxic player:

@TURION-MOONSTAR I did but I don't think anything as happened...

If nothing happens, then you just wait until they do something bad again and report them again. Nothing else to be done.

@TURION-MOONSTAR The report button doesn't work for some reason but I did block him. Thanks for the help though.

@Cephalon-Neo you're welcome, the report option should work if you select it first

@TURION-MOONSTAR Okay thanks and sorry for the late reply.