Gunner skill tree

Hello all, since NA just released with Only up to Episode 3 meaning the level cap is 75 and we are limited on skill points. What skills should I prioritize in the Gunner tree and Fighter sub class? Also besides front roll ring. Which rings should I be using on my Right slot ?

Here's the build I'm currently using which will change as the cap and other skills become accessible in the future but for the time being, this is basically as good as its going to get for now:

use either L/TMG Stance Up or L/Front S Roll and well not many good R/ choices so I went with R/Hp Restorate (which need to be at least Lv16 to be somewhat useful then Lv20 to be good)

@ArcaneTechs thank you for your reply. How come you didn’t at least take s-roll up ?

@ArcaneTechs could you at least take 5 points out of Attack Resonate and put it into s-Roll?

@The-BlizzG said in Gunner skill tree:

@ArcaneTechs could you at least take 5 points out of Attack Resonate and put it into s-Roll?

Attack PP Restorate? if you want to but theres no point in maxing out Stylish Roll Up/Finisher with our current skills. You'll inevitably reset your tree to fill in for Another S Roll Arts when Lv85 Cap is out but before that skill was a thing, you normally wouldn't bother with those skills at all unless you were doing something niche.

im a gu/hu what are the best abilities to use (disc) and i use a contoller is there a best setup for it or leave as is im fairly new to this game

In my experience running a pure gunner, Max out all of your conditional percentage buffs.. (don't remember names at the moment)but allowing yourself to use PA attacks during stylish rolls for added damage, and using PAs after a stylish roll PA attack while in the air.. combining these is great for clearing hoards of enemies. PP restorate I will agree is important if you're going to play with all of your conditionals.. You run low on PP super quickly playing like this. I would also make the ring (who's name also escapes me) but it's supposed to reduce the amount of PP consumed while chaining perfect PAs together. It's not a whole lot but it does help.

Hope this helps you out!