Who's going Ship 02 !!?

Post up if you're in need of a team or if you are going ship 02.

ship 2 for life all the way

ship 2 for life!

Seems like people are either going to S1 or S2. I'm probably going to stick with S2.

You know it


I think I'll be starting on either Ship 1 or ship 2, from messing around with the beta yesterday it looks like the "Getting Started" option will default you to Ship 1 so a lot of newer players may be starting there as well!

ship 2 for life.

Going ship 1, the mix with new players sounds interesting.

Ship 2 all day see you guys in 8 mins!

Only ship 01 is up ?

might change to ship 2 was going to go on 4 how long till servers up