Re-Run Cyhadine CAST set?

Heya, this CAST set (Cyhadine, though I might have misspelt the name, but it's Saga's look) showed up early during the PC release (in the first two or three days I think?) when a lot of us were still getting the hang of the game's systems and UI. It would be really nice if we could get a re-run of it at some point in the near future, or even as a featured outfit so nobody can miss it this time around (wishful thinking on my part, but I can hope).

It has a bunch of neat parts that I could see myself using for interesting ensembles and so on and is one of the few that has reverse leg joints (or at least it looks like they are, but either way they're rad looking).

Oh, also I know there's a few people that would be very happy to see Fourie's CAST set get re-run too.

@IAMCRAIG They have been sort of doing that with some of the scratch ticket items, as well as mission pass items. That said, if there really isn't a way for PC players to get this set at current, I definitely support a re-roll of it, as PC players got the short end of the stick on the cosmetic items.

Its even worse for Steam players and those who started on ship 4, since they came in at a later time, a lot of AC scratch and Mission Pass items were missed.

There are a few old AC items I'm after and Mission Pass items that I couldn't do a full unlock due to incomplete re-runs.

@LazerRay Current mission pass has some of the old mission pass items. Roava CAST parts for instance were in an earlier mission pass, I just don't remember if it was before or after PC players got their hands on the game.

@Anarchy-Marine I can look up a list of old Mission Pass and AC items on PSO2 database sites, just again Steam players and those on ship 4 are getting a very slow trickle down of old items, even with people importing AC items from the other ships.

There was an item in the last Mission Pass I couldn't full unlock since it wasn't in the overrun section, yet this was a pre-PC item that wasn't re-run correctly.

The Cyhadine set was unique in that it was only on fresh finds. When older fresh finds items started getting re-run, I was excited about it potentially showing up again but months later and no sign of it at all sadly.

@IAMCRAIG Well fresh finds is kind of an RNG thing to begin with. There's no way to know what's coming to plan for it, and that's an intentional implementation of it to induce impulsive decisions when it comes to buying SG. So I get you there. There's been several items I missed out on myself, such as hairstyles, and extensions. Then there are some body paint and accessories that I couldn't get because I either wasn't on, or simply lacked the SG. I do hope some new stuff is mixed in with the old stuff. Considering we have tons of those rising weapons badges, perhaps removing trigger keys would be a good idea, and instead just use those slots to re-roll old items.


Did we ever et a re-run of this set? I need the body along with Seitaka Legs to complete my look and I don't think either have been re-run or in the case of Seitaka, even released.

Would love to be wrong here.

Cyhadine, along with the other two Fresh Finds-exclusive CAST sets (Lanx and Windblossom) have not been reran yet--although they were mentioned in the recent survey for PSO2 cosmetics to be updated for the NGS body type lol.

Personally, I would love to see the originals--especially since all three only appeared for one day last year, with Cyhadine and Lanx appearing before the Windows 10 launch.

Cyhadine was post W10 launch, as I have it, never seen the other two though.

None of them have been reran for sure though, and I do need a second set as I want another Cyhadine Body for an alt, but this set was released before reruns and being able to purchase 2.

@Matt said in Re-Run Cyhadine CAST set?:

Cyhadine was post W10 launch, as I have it, never seen the other two though.

Ah, my mistake. Referencing this archive, Cyhadine appeared in Fresh Finds on June 5th of last year, while Windblossom and Lanx were available on the 30th and 19th of May respectively. Since the Windows 10 version launched May 27th, only Lanx is exclusive to Xbox players.