AC Not showing up in account

I'm really not sure what to do. I play on Xbox and I paid for 1000 AC ($9.99 or $10.86 with tax) the AC didn't show up in my account right away so I gave it 2 days. after those 2 days I contacted Microsoft and they didn't have an answer for me and denied me a refund. someone suggested I contact the game support team and that's why I'm here. I'm not sure what to do because its been about a week from trying to get someone at microsoft to help me and I still haven't received the AC or my money back. If I could get any assistance at all, that would be wonderful.

send a ticket, there't nothing much that can be done in the forums, so go in support an contact us

@Onigiri5871 same prob, i bought $10 worth and nothing came. i tried using another card and still nothing, i hope i didn't just waste 20 plus dollars.

I've also been having issues with AC not redeeming on the Microsoft side, I've tried putting it tickets but every time I reply back with my purchase history I get radio silence from support.

This also effecting Game Pass redemptions as I redeemed the February's game pass perks and have not received them.

If this does not get resolved I'm not going to spend anymore money on this game.

Incase anyone from support or community is looking at this I've placed the following tickets: 74038 73489