PSO 2 keep asking for SEGA login credentials even when running / login through steam

Hi I am having issues in login PSO 2 online through steam. The issue came about first was that i tried to login into Ship 2 but then the game crashed. It was still working yesterday so i first thing i did was to verify the files to see whether any files were corrupted or missing and redownload them. After redownloading the files and the game loaded in properly without any crashing i click start game and click on the server (Ship 2 - UR) which my character was in and after that it show the SEGA credentials and I did recalled that SEGA credential did not pop out when i first started this game like a week ago. I did went to PSO2 global community discord and one guy told me that this was an occuring thing and a reboot of the game will auto fix the login issue but however i did quit steam follow by rebooting my PC however it does not work and still ask for SEGA credentials. So after checking he suspected that it could be PSO2 end issue so he suggest me to report this issue. Between attached below is the screenshot of the conversation.e3a878e8-492c-417f-b2ec-f4aef7a1e4bf-image.png

here that won't exactly work, send a ticket over it so the issue can be investigated

This sounds like you ended up downloading the Japanese exe rather than the global one. SEGA ID is for JP logins.

@PrinceBrightstar the SEGA ID is asked before accessing the servers also if it were the wrong executable the program will just give an error right away for not recognizing the files

The problem is that how is it JP version because i download the game through steam and when running PSO Global it did not ask me for the SEGA Login it was still NA version and the game can be played on thursday but the game crashes when running on friday so i did some verify cathe installer download some files as it could be an update and i did not touch anything and after patching this thing happened

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@PrinceBrightstar He stated he was playing global until now just fine, that means he downloaded global

SEGA ID in this case might have been a code issue resurfacing that was never removed from the game and its causing issues now

JP was used for Globals, so while we don't use SEGA ID the game itself had code for using it I personally think it may be that code got flicked on somehow and its messing with people since this last update or two ago

@RaveingWolfie-0 Hopefully they give free freebies for those affected users like me facing this issue

@PrinceBrightstar @RaveingWolfie-0 After i remove and reinstall PSO 2 online from steam and downloading any updates avaliable finally there is no more SEGA Login credentials (JP) and i am able to login so i am not sure how was it triggered