Guide: Overview of Affixing Augments

@Mjolnir No worries at all about the delay or in feeling avoidant about affixing. There are enough "conditions of worth" in real life that I strongly believe there should be none related to a recreational activity (whether that be chatting on the forums or making decisions in-game). So please continue going at your own pace as you've already upslotted your units and I feel like that is really the highest priority during boost week given the difficulty of doing so normally.

And while I'm obnoxiously pushing my opinions, haha, I'll note that when there are multiple solutions to a problem then the best path can be different for each person depending on their beliefs, preferences, and constraints. For instance, you saved up an impressive amount of augment transfer passes and an impressive amount of meseta so it's completely rational to decide that buying your ultimate weapon affixes is a better use of resources than the time, effort, and stress you'd have to endure to build three recipes from scratch. This is to say that getting god-tier weapons is an impressive feat no matter how you achieved it and I hope you're enjoying the performance of your new gear! And that third weapon you made is nothing to sneeze at either! My secondary weapon is a bow (Atlas Ex with plus potential) and I've been enjoying it for awhile with just Astral Soul, Precision 6, Phrase Decay, and Graceful Precision.

I can also totally resonate with the stress of potential mistakes while affixing even once you acquire all the fodder and have a recipe in place. I made my katana with GS, Mana Rev, and Grand Might and kept putting each component back in storage out of fear that I'd accidentally overwrite it while making another piece. It definitely made the process take longer, but I just didn't want to have to repeat any steps. You may find that useful in easing some anxiety while making your units as you'd just take out the 5 or 6 pieces of gear you need to make each piece of fodder for your final recipe and then put it back in storage. I did this for even my easy unit recipe (Might 6, Mitra Glare, and Doom Break 3) as a lot of the fodders had the same name (i.e. Sub Solid Barrier) and it was getting dizzying when trying to combine 5 copies of DB2 to make DB3.

Anyways, let's tackle these questions! I'm going to start with the second one because the first will have a longer answer.

Question 2: My understanding is that you'll only be able to use a 4-slot insurance item when the number of affixes you create is 4 or less. What this means is that your base unit (the one you're transferring augments to) can only have 4 affixes in the end if you want to use that insurance item, however you should be able to use your 5-slot unit as a piece of fodder while using 4-slot insurance and should get back all 5 slots on it if anything fails on your main 4-slot unit.

If you want to make one of your final recipe units (e.g. the Guardian Soul unit) on something with 5 slots then you might be interested in getting insurance items for higher slots. I believe that 5-slot and higher insurance can only come from AC Scratch tickets, but I'm not sure if they're limited to the AC Support scratches or whether fashion scratches have a chance at them as well. It'd definitely be worth looking through the Pirze List for all of the AC Scratch tickets to see what's available and whether certain scratches have better odds than others.

Question 1: This is a really good question as those drops could definitely change the landscape for your affix recipe! I haven't had a chance to run Cradle yet myself, but from reading comments here I believe it drops all of the catalysts directly as well as Photoner Glare and Aether Soul. If so, you could definitely use these units to skip some steps.

The biggest savings will be in making Guardian Soul as you could replace some of the components to make Astral Soul (Soul Catalyst), Mana Reverie (Reverie Catalyst and Omega Memoria), Aether Factor (Factor Catalyst and Aether Soul), and Absolute Glare (Glare Catalyst and Photoner Glare) with those affixes instead of making them from scratch. For example, instead of combining Escarde Soul and Fullvegas Soul to make Aether Soul you could just use a unit that dropped with Aether Soul on it.

Kamil's recipe also attached Photoner Glare to the unit with Guardian Soul and you could make that directly now as well. In particular:

  • 2 copies of Photoner Glare grants a 50% base chance to affix it onto a new unit
  • 1 copy grants a 30% base chance to affix it onto a new unit

Glare Catalyst is the tricky one as it's needed to make several pieces of fodder that have both Glare Cat as well as some other components in our final recipe like Crack 4 and Veteran's Resolve 4. However, a big issue is that the Affix Assistant says that 2 copies of Glare Cat transfers it at 10% and 3 copies transfers at 30%. But then the Affix Simulator doesn't let you transfer Glare Cat using multiple copies at all and includes a note that says "Yes, Glare Catalyst does not transfer." In my experience, the Affix Simulator is more often correct so it may be impossible to transfer Glare Catalyst using multiple copies. However, I think this is definitely worth testing out in game with a couple copies and if I try to make an extra Guardian Soul weapon to sell on the Player Shop I'll let you know what I find out! 🙂

OK, so if we assume that we can't transfer Glare Catalyst using multiple copies, then only one piece of the final recipe could change. As a refresher, Kamil's final recipe looked like this:

  • Main Unit: Augment Guidance + Glare Catalyst (Glare Cat) + Veteran's Resolve 4 (Vet 4) + Crack 4
  • Fodder #1: Soul Receptor
  • Fodder #2: Glare Cat + Vet 4
  • Fodder #3: Glare Cat + Crack 4
  • Fodder #4: Glare Cat + Vet 4 + Crack 4
  • Fodder #5: Guardian Soul + Photoner Glare

So we'd still have to build the Main Unit and Fodders #1 - #4 using the same steps in the long post from earlier. However, we could now save several steps when building Fodder #5 (GS + Photoner Glare) and this will still be super helpful as it's the hardest unit to make!

The original recipe to make Fodder #5 was this:

  • Main Unit: Mana Reverie
  • Fodder #1: Absolute Glare
  • Fodder #2: Origin Glare
  • Fodder #3: Shiva Glare
  • Fodder #4: Varuna Glare + Aether Factor
  • Fodder #5: Mitra Glare + Astral Soul

So we were using Origin Glare + Shiva Glare + Varuna Glare + Mitra Glare to have a 10% chance of creating Photoner Glare. And this required adding Varuna Glare and Mitra Glare to one of the components to make Aether Factor and Astral Soul respectively.

However, if we got Photoner Glare to drop directly we could change the recipe to the one below and have a 50% chance of making Photoner Glare (which we could easily get to 100% with an augmentation aid item during the current boost week):

  • Main Unit: Mana Reverie
  • Fodder #1: Absolute Glare
  • Fodder #2: Photoner Glare
  • Fodder #3: Photoner Glare
  • Fodder #4: Aether Factor
  • Fodder #5: Astral Soul

We could also drop 1 copy of Photoner Glare and still have a 30% base chance of transferring it which is higher than our original chance of 10%.

Also keep in mind what we said earlier about the Cradle affixes making it much easier to make the components of Guardian Soul itself. In particular:

  • Mana Reverie requires 4 copies of Reverie Catalyst + 1 copy of Omega Memoria
  • Absolute Glare requires 4 copies of Glare Catalyst + 1 copy of Photoner Glare
  • Aether Factor requires 4 copies of Factor Catalyst + 1 copy of Aether Soul
  • Astral Soul requires 4 copies of Soul Catalyst + 1 copy of Soul of Darkness

Every one of those components, except for Soul of Darkness, requires multiple affixes to create and you only have a 10% chance of success. So getting something like Factor Catalyst to drop directly is a huge lifesaver in terms of fodder, augmentation aids, and frustration from likely failures. In addition, once you have all 5 components for each of those affixes, your chance of success at making the actual affix (e.g. Aether Factor) is 60% which you can easily raise to 100% with augmentation aids.

So this was a long way of saying that the current affixes dropping from Cradle cut out the hardest parts of making Guardian Soul! 😄 However, if you want to add Absolute Glare in your final recipe (alongside GS, Vet 5, and Crack 5) you'll still need to go through the hard work of making custom fodder with things like Glare Catalyst + Crack 4/Vet 4. However, if you're willing to swap out Absolute Glare with Aether Factor things become easier as noted in the video Falador linked to.

This was a lot of information, as per usual (lol), so please feel free to ask follow-up questions if any of this or any of the previous posts were confusing! Thanks again for your kindhearted replies and congratulations on your new weapons!!

Just a brief update:

  1. Krono's most recent video goes through some alternative unit recipes for folks not making Guardian Soul and there are links to these formulas in the video's description. If anyone wants to make one of these and has questions I'd be happy to walk through the steps.

  2. @Kamil118 posted a new GS, Absolute Glare, Crack 5, Vet 5 unit recipe on the Reddit Q&A thread so that's more food-for-thought on how to approach making the ultimate units.

This time the final recipe is:

  • Main unit: Soul Receptor
  • Fodder #1: Glare Catalyst, Crack 4, Veteran's Resolve 4
  • Fodder #2: Glare Cat, Crack 4, Vet 4
  • Fodder #3: Glare Cat
  • Fodder #4: Glare Cat
  • Fodder #5: Guardian Soul, Crack 4, Vet 4, Photoner Glare

What you'll notice is that he moved 1 copy of Crack 4 and Vet 4 to Fodder #5 which makes Fodders 3 & 4 super easy to acquire as Glare Catalyst is now dropping directly in the wild. In addition, it's highly encouraged to use 4-slot insurance items when making your Guardian Soul fodder unit so trying to get more augments on that unit isn't as risky as it seems.

I'll also note that this recipe doesn't take advantage of the 5% boost from having Augment Guidance on your main unit. My understanding is that you can't transfer Soul Receptor, so if you wanted to add Augment Guidance to this recipe you'd have use a different unit as your main unit (e.g. add Augment Guidance to the current Fodder #1 and make that your main unit while moving the Soul Receptor unit to the Fodder #1 slot).

@Rang-Dipkin You will be happy to know that I did it! I made all three 4 slot units with Absolute Glare, Crack V, Guardian Soul and Veteran's Resolve V! Thank you so so so much for your help again, it was totally invaluable just as before :). Cradle really, really helped save time even though I had all of the precursor mats socked away. It meant less time of my life at the desk, which is good by me. One day I did one unit straight through (well with a break for lunch and one UQ) and it took me five hours lmao. The next day I did the last one straight through with fewer interruptions and that took three. It wasn't that bad overall, I had some great luck. I only had one mild anxiety attack when I failed my first attempt on the final affix on the last unit-- for some reason I thought for a sec that I had forgotten insurance! But thankfully I didn't and it passed on the second try. God I am so happy to be (basically ) done with unit affixing foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr. It was an awful, un-fun, arduous process but the end result is that for example, playing Phantom now feels almost as tanky as playing Etoile before lol.

I did move the arms and back to placeholder Klauz units (I have two full sets of Klauz lol, got super lucky on the drops after I made arms and legs (got three backs before I made anything tho)). But I ran out of mission badges and I am addicted to skydance so the legs are on hold until I get more mission badges.

I still have to try a 7 slot G. Soul weapon affix for my last Klauz becase I am all out of transfer passes (hoarding them for the last transfers on the units when we get Mark Capsules / when I get more mission badges). That is going to be... Not fun. Someone on Fleet share this recipe with me:

One of the augmentalists in my alliance suggested forgetting mana and just going with graceful stat which makes this a lot easier if I have to do it repeatedly. I think I may do that, bc this is for a sword and that sword is less for PSO2 and more for NGS. As of now anyway Graceful and Grand give the same bonuses in NGS:

What do you think about that recipe? Do you agree with the agumentalist that Mana is really not worth the trouble here?

I hope your affixing is going well!

@Mjolnir Oh my, that's fantastic news, a huge CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSS!!!! That's one heck of an endeavor and a proud moment indeed! 😄 You have now officially conquered affixing and can enjoy your gear forever and always while giving Dudu/Monica the cold shoulder, haha. I'm super happy for you and am glad to hear that you've noticed a big jump in performance! Congratulation again; you're now the envy of myself and many other ARKS! 😉

In terms of the sword you still want to make from scratch:

  • The recipe you linked to looks super solid and I can't think of a better way to approach it. However, if you're willing to buy 2 copies of Augment Guidance on 8-slot fodder then you could add Aug Guidance to your Klauz weapon in the same step where you add Astral Soul and Omega Memoria to it. This would increase your success rate by 5% in the final recipe and that might be worth it since you won't have insurance (depending on the cost of two 8-slot Aug Guidance weapons).

  • I also noticed that the recipe you shared was for an 8-slot weapon and you mentioned trying for a 7-slot G. Soul weapon in the text prior. If you're going for 7-slots then I'd say to just drop Mana Reverie/Graceful Might for Phrase Decay as that will give superior performance whenever you have easy access to Jellen'd targets (and has the same stats as Mana Rev in NGS except you'll lose out on 20 HP).

  • I also agree with your alliance mate who suggested going for Graceful Might over Mana Reverie. Given the chance of failure and their relative costs, it doesn't seem worth it considering All Atk isn't valuable on weapons and you only lose out on 20 HP while gaining 1 PP if you use a Grace cap.

Lastly, I just wanted to leave ths list of title rewards that grant Augment Transfer Passes in case you hadn't seen them all yet:

  • 10 passes for every class you get to Level 100
  • 20 passes when you get 10 classes to Lvl 95
  • 30 passes when you get 7 classes to Lvl 100
  • 40 passes when you get all classes to Lvl 100
  • 20 passes when clearing the Final Lament UQ on UH with a S Rank
  • 10 passes when clearing the current Mop-Up OP: Endless Nightmare Limited Quest on UH with a S Rank
  • 20 passes when clearing the 4-man trigger quest version of Endless Nightmare on UH with a S-Rank
  • 20 passes when you clear the Solo Extreme Quest: Madness and Phantasms with 10 different classes
  • 20 passes when you clear the Solo Extreme Quest: Risk Realm with 10 different classes
  • 20 passes when you clear the Solo Profound Darkness UQ (Barren Blossom, Butcher of Light) with 10 different classes on UH difficulty
  • 20 passes when you clear the Episode 4 Story Quest "Duel" with 10 different classes
  • 40 passes when you complete all of the Story Quest Clear Titles for Episodes 1 - 6. This list is long but you can find it towards the end of ths page.

And I think that about wraps it up. A big CONGRATULATIONSSSS again on making your god units!!! You've worked hard at understanding affixing and I'm super proud of you for sticking with it and conquering the hardest boss in the game, Dudu 😜 I wish you all the best in the rest of your adventures in base PSO2 and hopefully we'll be back talking about a much simpler affixing system in NGS!

Thanks for the congrats! It feels soooooooo good to get it over with. I wish you the best of luck in finishing your own!

Thanks for the input on the G Soul wep! I mistyped: I am gonna do it at 8slot! As of now I think you and my alliance friend are correct and I'm just going to drop mana for Graceful due to the difficulty posed by integrating Mana and the dauntingly high possibility of failure.

Thanks for the list of transfer passes! FWIW I also read that we will get more form Sodom's various depths, and I think also from Challenge Mode 3.

Again: thank you so much for everything, best of luck with your own affixes and yes I hope to rejoice with you over a simpler, less punishing affix system in NGS. Oh and if you are on Ship 2, we should meet up in game and play together sometime! My alliance often runs events and these days we sometimes we need fill ins, and I often just play in public game or with other friends anyway 🙂

@Mjolnir That's great to hear!

And I appreciate the well wishes on my own affixing. 🙂 I still want to make some fodders for the future, but I finished my budget set the first day of boost week and then kind of regretted not trying for GS units as I didn't anticipate the affixes that would drop from Cradle! Definitely not the first time I've misjudged the market and upcoming drops, but hopefully one of the last times now that we're near the end of the game, haha XD

I also agree that if you're making an 8-slot GS from scratch then it's probably best to go with Graceful as the fodder for an extra 8-slot Mana isn't cheap and the risk of Dudu is real!

Thanks as well for the heads-up about the transfer passes we'll get from Sodom and the upcoming Challenge quest!! I didn't know of either of those sources and am looking forward to the new content. 😄

And it'd be really nice to team up in-game, but unfortunately I'm on Ship 1 (one of those XBox players who just took the default assignment without thinking back in May). I'm in a solo alliance which suits my general approach, but I actually befriended a few members and we'd run the 4man Deus and Dragon follow-up UQs back in the day which was fun. However, a lot of the folks I knew have stopped playing regularly and I've found myself drifting back more towards Destiny 2 and Hearthstone lately where some IRL friends still play. This was a long way of saying that I'd be more than happy to party up if I could, and I'll let you know if I ever make the switch from Ship 1! Thanks again for the offer 🙂

@Rang-Dipkin So! I actually was like "f it, I'll try G Soul and Mana three times and then if it fails I'll go with G soul and graceful". And guess what?! Monica passed me on the first try. 🙂 I need to bring her flowers, tbh, bc overall she treated me seriously well through last boost week (I avoid Dudu like the plague bc 1. he's a sleaze and 2. he always fails me lol).

So I may have been wrong about the transfer passes from Sodam? Not sure! I haven't done much of it tbh, but it's not listed on the official site. Maybe there are some through titles though? This guide is where I read about it fwiw:

Ahh you are Ship 1, ah well! I'm glad you are in an alliance that suits you well genreally, but sad to hear some of your friends have left. Several of mine have too and it feels like more are ready to drift off now that we don't really have much to work towards in PSO2. One may actually quit because he yolo'ed a final stage of his god unit and failed. I really wonder how many people affixing has driven off the game? It would be so interesting to see data on that!

Well in any case, you have my deepest thanks, a thousand of them, for helping me stay in the game despite this awful, tortuous system. Be well and see you around! 🙂