Guide: Overview of Affixing Augments

Table of Contents

  • Post #1: Overview of affixing weapons using an all-stat recipe as the example
  • Post #2: How to affix Mana Reverie (and Aether Factor) on weapons using 4 SAFs plus one non-SAF
  • Post #3: Recipes tailored to melee, ranged, and tech weapons + a discussion of S1-S5 augments
  • Post #4: Overview of affixing units with a recipe that leverages unit SAFs
  • Post #5: Discussion of a unit recipe that doesn't rely on SAFs or capsules
  • Post #6: Brief discussion of the endgame unit recipe (see the posts on Page 2 and 3 of this thread for step-by-step breakdowns)

Welcome ARKS! This guide is meant to introduce you to the basic building blocks of affixing a middle-tier set of weapons and units for running Ultra Hard content more effectively. In particular, it is recommended to wait until you can equip a 15 star weapon and 13 star units to follow the advice in this guide. Until then, I would try to clear content using gear that drops for you in the wild (Tokyo Rainbow Keys ftw!) + gear from the various NPC vendors on the ship (often come with decent affixes) + cheap gear from the Player Shops (including NPC vendor gear/affixes if you don't have the material to exchange for them yourself).

Disclaimer: The majority of this post is copied from my responses in this thread, after which I received a couple of suggestions to make it into a stand-alone guide in the Guides section for folks searching in the future. However, the previous discussion occured during a "boost week" in which affixing/enhancing gear was free (i.e. zero meseta) and there was a 10% success boost to affixing augments. It was also during a "catch-up" campaign where everybody could get a set of 13 star Rivalate units fairly easy and could get an Atlas Ex, Trailblazer, and Rivalate gunblade even easier. However, I've tried to add notes throughout on what I'd recommend if it's currently not boost week. And if you missed out on the campaign gear, here's a...

Brief Aside on Possible Gear Progression


  • Until Level 50: Wear whatever you find/get (e.g. Sub Weapon Barriers) or buy 3 copies of "P-Drive" sub units from the Player Shops if they're super cheap. The Hiei set of units should also be cheap as they were given out for free at one point.
  • Level 50 - 70: Look on Player Shops for a decent, but still cheap, set of either the 11 star Brissa units (nice HP set bonus and frequent drop from Magetsu keys) or Saiki units (nice bump in PP and frequent drop from lower level Tokyo Keys)
  • Level 70 - 80: Check Player Shops to see if the 12 star Ofz set (Ofzeterious, Ofzende, Ofzetrogie) are still cheap as these were given out in a prior campaign (back and arms have a set bonus when worn together, legs could be replaced)
  • Level 80+: Spend 300 Rising Weapon Badge 5s to get the 13 star Novel unit set (if you're low on badges wear the Ofz back and arms with Novel legs). You could also consider upgrading your Ofz set into the 13 star version at Zig if you're up for farming the needed materials. Or, if you're OK with an easier but more mindless farm, you can run Malevolent Void (Persona UQ) triggers on Super Hard (easily soloable) to farm void erebite fragments to create a 13 star set of Trailblazer units. If you have the money, buying either Starkquake units or 12 star Trailblazer units will help you skip one or two steps in the upgrade process respectively, thereby cutting down the number of void fragments you need to farm. You can also buy 4man Triggers of this UQ on the Player Shops and they'll grant even more void frags (~10/run).
  • Endgame Update: A full set of Klauz units from Zig is a typical endgame build as each piece is strong in particular stats and wearing all 3 gives a strong balance of all stats. However, some people just wear a Klauz back unit with something like Atlas arms and legs or the 13 star units from Divide Quests if they want to go all out on a specific stat like dmg.


  • Until Level 50: Use whatever you find (e.g. Lambda, Red, Deo series) and start working on the 13 star "Collection Folder" Revolsio weapons. Collection Folders can be picked up from an NPC in the gate area and she resides on the right-hand side of the two long counters surrounding where you'd board the drop ship to start a mission (NPC is right near Cofy who has some important Client Orders when starting out).
  • Level 50 - 70: Around level 45 - 50, see if you can equip a decent, but cheap, Sigma weapon bought on the Player Shop. As you get to around Level 60 you should be able to equip the Revolsio weapons you earned from the 13 star collection folder.
  • Level 70 - 80: Look for a cheap 13 star Nemesis weapon on the Player Shops (or you could buy one from the Unique Weapon Badge Shop, but probably not worth it at this point). Start working on the 15 star collection folders (especially the Croesus series, but Orb is OK too if the Armada UQ is out of rotation for farming Luminmechs).
  • Level 80+: Update - Probably best to just skip right to the Agile series from Zig now. Work towards building your first 15 star weapon. In the meantime finish the 15 star collection folders for a really nice stop-gap improvement. Your best bet for building a starter 15 star will be the Atlas Ex as you can get one of the rare materials required as a Title Reward when you enhance one of its components (a Val weapon) to +35 (you can get many component weapons from Collection Folders/Badge Shops, but check the Player Shops first because some have dropped in price significantly and this will save you time). For mult. chars. the Ophistia weapons listed in that link are an option too as they don't require any rare materials to make. Then, if you're far away from making a Rivalate and/or are focusing on saving materials for newer endgame 15 stars (especially the Cras Klauz series when it's released), it may be worth unlocking the Atlas Ex's "plus potential" for more dmg until you can grind out the stuff you need for your endgame weapon.
  • Endgame Update: Getting a Klauz weapon from Zig will be the endgame goal for most classes. (Quick note - The typical strategy is to get the Agile component weapon from Zig and then use 5 Enhancement Cap +1s to take it from +30 to the +35 needed to get your Klauz.) However, the Klauz potential requires doing 3 normal attacks every so often to get a big dmg boost and this is sometimes at odds with your class's dmg rotation. For example, my understanding is that some Rangers prefer the Fluxio series for this reason and that weapon will drop from an upcoming Challenge Mode quest that I believe can be solo'd.

OK, now back to the guide...

Important Shops

Throughout this post I'll reference several NPC vendors that you can find in the Shopping Plaza of the lobby area. These include:

Monica/Dudu - Your enhancement and augmentation vendors - this is where you'll go to increase the level of your gear (weapons from 0 to +35, units from 0 to +10) and affix new stat buffs on them. They are located on the 1st floor of the Shopping Plaza on the left side (if you enter from the gate area) right next to where you identify (question mark) weapons you find in the field and the NPC in charge of Pet supplies for Summoners. Monica (i.e. best girl) will appear on Even Numbered blocks and Dudu (i.e. future vessel for the Profound Darkness) will be found on Odd Numbered blocks.

Zig - Your endgame gear creator - this is where you'll take the components/supplies to upgrade various gear into 15 star weapons and 13 star units. You can also use the "Change Weapon Category" menu option to change certain 15 star weapons like the Atlas Ex, Trailblazer, and Rivalate into a different weapon type (e.g. making your sword into a rifle if you decide to switch classes/playstyles). Zig is the big mecha/CAST that's standing right next to the vendor booth where Monica/Dudu hang out (i.e. 1st floor of Shopping Plaza on the left side).

Material Exchange Vendors - There are a number of vendors that will take materials you gather and give you all sorts of useful stuff on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Plaza on the right-hand side when approaching from the gate area. These include shops I'll reference such as the Photon Drop/Booster exchange, the Ex-cube exchange, the Unique Weapon Badge exchange, the Rising Weapon Badge exchange, etc. You can find a full list here which will take you to the Rising Weapon Badge 5 shop, but the others can be navigated to from the links at the top of the page. One thing to note on those pages is that often a set of items won't appear automatically and you'll have to click on "[Expand]" in the last row of a table to see everything (e.g. in the link above you'll see a Header labeled "15 Star Novel Weapons" but have to click on the last column ("Classes[Expand]") to see the list of all Novel Weapon names and what it costs to purchase them).

Swap Shop - You can access the Swap Shop #1 menu anytime by bringing up your menu bar and navigating to Shopping Cart icon on the far right and selecting the "Swap Shop" option. However, there's also a physical Swap Shop that can exchange more materials (upgrading crafting materials, exchanging Mission Pass Badges, exchanging Class Ex-cubes, etc.) and this is located on the lower level of the 1st floor of the Shopping Plaza on the left-hand side underneath where you'd enter Franca's Cafe.

Affixing Your 15 Star Weapon

My original post answered a question about affixing augments onto a weapon that would be useful to all classes as the OP's playstyle was to switch classes and his intention was to use the Change Weapon Category option at Zig to turn his 15 star into whatever weapon type his current class was using. I'm leaving this in as it goes through a lot of general tips that will be useful in your own affix recipe, and then aftewards (Post #3) I'll add the notes on specializing your affixes into specific damage types (melee, range, and casting).

Designing an All-Class Weapon (probably not recommended if you can afford to invest in multiple 15 star weapons)

While there are weapons that can be used by all classes, they are typically not the strongest and you'll be limited in the PAs/techs you can use unless you change to the appropriate subclass. As a result, I'll talk about an affix for a Rivalate under the assumption that you'd later "Change Weapon Category" at Zig to use it for another class.

Keep in mind, the biggest problem with switching weapon categories is just that it'll take a hefty amount of crafting resources to change each time which might get expensive if you change frequently. Sidenote - You can replenish these materials by breaking down 13 star weapons in your Personal Quarters (PQ) using the wall terminal to access the Crafting menu => DIY crafting => Item Dismantling. You can also use the Swap Shop store in the Shopping Plaza to upgrade 12 star and lower crafting materials (also broken down in PQ) into 13 star materials via the Crafting swap shop 1 menu. However, you can also buy these materials from the Player Shop so check there too.


Because this example will be your main weapon for all classes, I'd probably invest in upslotting the Rivalate they gave us from 5-slots to 6-slots to make it a little stronger.

Upslotting is the process of increasing the number of augments (or augment "slots") that your weapon can hold. The maximum number of augments is 8 for both weapons and units. You "upslot" by affixing augments from one weapon onto another and selecting more augments than your weapon has currently (the weapons you take augments from will be destroyed in this process). However, you can only add 1 extra augment per affix attempt, e.g. if your weapon has 3 augments/slots you can only upslot it to 4 augments. You'd have to affix it a 2nd time to go from 4-slots to 5-slots. Then affix again to go from 5s to 6s, etc. Every time you add slots, all existing augments will be replaced, with the exception of S-grade augments which we'll cover a little later. This means that you should almost always upslot your gear first, and then afterwards re-affix it to add the augments you actually want to use.

To upslot you'll go to Monica/Dudu and select the Affix Augment option and choose your Rivalate as the base weapon. You'll also want at least 2* pieces of 5-slot "fodder" which are 5s weapons that you'll sacrifice/destroy in the process of increasing your Rivalate to 6 slots (fodder weapons have to have an equal number of slots as your base weapon, or a higher number of slots). The ideal fodder will have "junk augments" which are typically weak augments like Might/Precision/Casting 1, any Fever (e.g. rappies are currently dropping Love Fever), any of the damage resist augs that end in Ward 1, etc. You'll know good junk if the chance of affixing shows 100% on the affix menu. You'll select the S5 (Rivalate's Augment Factor/SAF, covered later) + 5 junk affixes to transfer over. The resulting percentages should all read 100%, but as soon as you pick the 6th affix they will suddenly decrease quite a bit because of the "upslotting penalty". However, because you're using 100% success junk augs (and it's a +10% boost week), you can counter-act this penalty with by having a 40% Augmentation Aid (AA) item in your inventory which will raise the percentage back up to 100 🙂 You can purchase a 40% AA at the Ex-cube exchange vendor on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Plaza for 100 cubes.

*Including 2 pieces of fodder will give you the max success rate, but you may have to include more pieces to have access to enough 100% success augments. The only downside of using more fodder is the cost of the fodder itself and that the fact that it'll increase the cost of affixing as well (sometimes substantially). One trick to keep in mind is that you can always include 1 capsule in any affixing recipe and it'll attach with 100% success prior to the upslotting penalty. So if you've been playing for awhile and have completed Mission Pass Gold Tiers, you probably have a number of useless capsules like Might Boost in your inventory. Throwing these into your upslotting recipe can help you save more money than you can earn by selling those capsules on the Player Shop.

Side note 1 - The best source I know for Ex-cube farming is to run "Light: Barren Blossom" UQ triggers which are the solo version of the Profound Darkness UQ. Running this on Extra Hard difficulty should be pretty quick (<10 min and eventually closer to 5min) and you'll get ~45 Ex-cubes each run in the form of 10 and 11 star weapons which you turn into cubes at the "Swap Shop" (option is under the shopping cart icon (far right) when you bring up the menu bar). You'll purchase triggers using Rising Weapon Badge 3s at the badge exchange vendor who is also on the 2nd floor of the shopping plaza (if you don't have any RWB3s you can exchange higher badges (RWB4s and the current RWB5s) for RWB3s at a nice exchange rate).

Side note 2 - If you don't want to buy fodder weapons, the solo Ultimate Quest against Omega Masquerade is one of the quickest sources I know. Once you learn the fight, you can often kill him in 2 mins or less on Lvl 1 and he'll drop a decent number of Vita weapons and low rarity units.

Lastly, please keep in mind that upslotting to 6-slots is only risk-free if you use a 40% AA item because we're currently in a 10% boost week. If it's not a boost week (or resources are tight) it's easiest to stay at 5s or even 4s. If you really want to get to 6-slots on a non-boost week, you'll first need to affix and augment called "Augment Guidance" onto your 5-slot Rivalate. You can buy weapons with this augment on the Player Shop and whenever this augment is on your base weapon you'll get an extra 5% chance of success the next time you affix. Using two 5-slot fodder weapons with Augment Guidance on them will give you a 50% chance of transferring it to your base Rivalate weapon. During the current 10% boost week, you can get this to 100% if you use a 40% AA item. However, during a non-boost week you'll need to buy three 5-slot fodder weapons with Augment Guidance because having 3 copies gives you a 80% chance of successfully transferring it, which you can get to 100% by using a 30% AA item.

S-Grade Augments (SGAs here, SSAs in JP guides)

I'm going to go through specific SGAs in Post #3, but for now I'm going to recommend reserving 2 slots in your recipe for an S4 and S5 which are the only types that a Rivalate can slot. You can see which SGAs a weapon can take, if any, by going to the 2nd page of the weapon's details and looking for the line that says something like "Compatibility" which will have icons next to it corresponding to the SGAs it can take.

What you need to know from the start is that SGAs always affix at 100% success, don't face the upslotting penalty, and can even be changed later without ruining the rest of your weapon. This is to say that, unlike regular augments, replacing S-grade augments can be done individually/doesn't require re-affixing your whole weapon, provided you have another weapon to swap them from (which is the big challenge for S4s and S5s).

Again, I'll go into more detail on the type of SGAs to target later, but right now you'll have a 6-slot Rivalate with an S5 and 5 junk affixes. You'd then use the "Transfer S-grade Augments" option at Monica/Dudu to take an S4 from another weapon (e.g. an Atlas Ex) and move it to your Rivalate in replace of one of your junk affixes (this will also cause you to lose 1 slot on your Atlas Ex because you're not replacing the S4 with anything). Then you'll have a Rivalate with an S4, S5 and 4 junk affixes.

However, the really pro move would be to transfer an S4 prior to upslotting because SGAs make upslotting easier as detailed below. And when it's boost week it can be worth it to try to save Ex-cubes when upslotting with SGAs by using a 30% Augmentation Aid (20 cubes) instead of a 40% Augmentation Aid (100 cubes). In particular, when a weapon has a lot of SGAs you can often roll the dice while upslotting as your overall chance of succeeding will be much higher than if you were only using regular augs.

Lengthy Aside on Upslotting with S-Grade Augments

You can do the upslotting math yourself, but one place that'll do it for you is the PSO2 Affix Simulator, and here are the numbers for going from 5-slots to 6-slots...

Going from 5s to 6s using regular "junk" augments (i.e. ones that have 100% transfer rate before the upslotting penalty) on a non-boost week:

  • Because each augment is a regular aug, it faces the upslotting penalty which reduces the success rate from 100% to 55% when going from 5s to 6s. So you're looking at adding 6 augments that each have a 55% chance of transferring
  • However, you need all 6 of them to succeed to upslot to 6s so your overall (or total) chance of success is only a whopping 2.77%! (i.e. 55% * 55% * 55% * 55% * 55% * 55% or (0.55)^6)
  • Using a 30% Augmentation Aid (AA) item increases each chance of success from 55% to 85% which brings your overall success rate up to 37.71% (i.e. (0.85)^6).
  • Using a 40% AA item increases each chance from 55% to 95% which brings your overall success rate up to 73.51%.

Now let's look at the numbers when going from 5s to 6s using SGAs...

With 4 SGAs (like your Atlas Ex):

  • You'll only have 2 regular augs at 55% and your chance of succeeding on both is 30.25%
  • Goes up to 72.25% with a 30% AA
  • And up to 90.25% with a 40% AA

With 3 SGAs (like your Trailblazer):

  • You'll only have 3 regular augs at 55% and your chance of succeeding on all 3 is 16.64%
  • Goes up to 61.41% with a 30% AA
  • And up to 85.74% with a 40% AA

With 2 SGAs (like your Rivalate):

  • You'll only have 4 regular augs at 55% and your chance of succeeding on all 4 is 9.51%
  • Goes up to 52.20% with a 30% AA
  • And up to 81.45% with a 40% AA

I know that's a lot of numbers and I wish I knew how to add a table on here to make it easier to compare, but hopefully that still gets across the point that having SGAs helps with upslotting quite a bit.

Keeping in mind that we're currently in a 10% boost week, this means that your chance of upslotting each weapon using junk affixes and a 30% augmentation aid is the same as it'd normally be for a 40% AA outside of boost week. So the relevant numbers from above are:

  • Atlast Ex (4 SGAs): 90.25%
  • Trailblazer (3 SGAs): 85.74%
  • Rivalate (2 SGAs): 81.45%

Obviously, using a 40% AA would bring all of these to 100%, but if you're trying to save resources it could be worth taking the chance with 30% AAs while it's still boost week.

With upslotting out of the way, let's get back to talking about affixing...

Affixing Via Augment Factors (SAFs)

Affixing via "Augment Factors" (Special Ability Factors on JP, or SAF) is the easiest method as they transfer with 100% success (before the upslotting penalty) and only require 1 copy to affix. You unlock the ability to use these augments while affixing once you enhance a weapon to +35 (i.e. SAFs don't have to be affixed to their weapon; so long as the weapon is used as fodder its SAF will become available to affix). The other thing to keep in mind is that you'll need the SAF weapon to have the same number of slots as your Rivalate, so 6 in this example.

Before dismantling/selling gear, a good habit to get into is to click on your weapons (and 13 star units) in the inventory menu and select the option that says something like "Confirm Augment Factor". This will show you its SAF name and a brief description. You can also check out the SAF of all the gear at Zig's exchange through a similar option when you click on his wares. Unfortunately, I haven't seen this option when looking at badge shop items so you'd have to Google those 😕

Enhancing weapons during the current boost week is especially recommended because it'll cost zero meseta. And an easy way to enhance is by using "EXP weapon mini"s as enhancement fodder which you can purchase either in the Ex-cube shop or the Photon Booster shop (right next to Ex-cube exchange). You can also exchange Astracite (like the astracite you get from Tokyo Keys) for Photon Boosters at the Astracite exchange which is on the 2nd floor of the shopping plaza.

When it's not a zero-meseta boost week, it can get costly enhancing with EXP weapon minis because you need so many of them. Another old faithful source of enhancement fodder is completing the 13 star Collection Folders for the Revolsio Weapons as one of these is usually enough to jump your weapon up to the next enhancement cap (i.e. it usually only takes 4 to go from 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, and finally +30 to +35). And if you need to power through Collection Folders keep in mind that solo triggers won't progress the UQ completion part, but 12man triggers will so you can do those solo on lower difficulty (e.g., I progressed folders while running 12man Persona triggers (Malevolent Void, RWB4 shop) solo on Super Hard for void frags). I've also found that the Expedition part progresses fast by spamming Floating Facility - you just run straight for the boss and will get max progress per clear (and you'll get more progress by running a +250 Rare Drop Rate booster so definitely do that by purchasing them in the Ex-cube shop).

OK, so which 4 weapons should you buy on the Player Shop and enhance to +35 to unlock their SAF? For an all-class weapon I'd consider:

  • Astral Soul (+35 All Attack and Defense Stats, +35 HP, +5 PP, +35 Dex): Available from any Ray or Union weapon
  • Doom Break 2 (+25 All Attack Stats, +3 PP): Available from any Ceres weapon

These two should be super cheap on Player Shops (and you may have some yourself) because they frequently drop from Tokyo Rainbow Keys. However, you need the exact name to search for them in the Shop and unfortunately the search function only keeps a record of the recent weapon names you've "seen" somewhere (so if you type in "Union" in the first text field and try to look for matching Union weapon names it may only show a limited list, or none at all, if you haven't seen them recently). The good news is that you can "see" all the names for Ray/Union weapons by looking at the Union weapons in Zig's exchange shop. And for the Ceres series you can search for the "Doom Break 2" augment in the player shop (using the text fields on the right side of the screen) and you'll likely see those weapon names pop up because people who play the market will often affix an SAF onto the weapon it comes from to make searching for their wares easier. Once you know the name you can then go back and search for all weapons with that name that have 6 slots because often ones without the affix on it will be cheaper. My other pro tip is to sometimes search for higher slots than you need because once in awhile they're actually cheaper! Players often post a price by comparing their weapon to weapons that have the same affixes and the same number of slots. So sometimes there's more available 7 slot weapons than 6 slot ones and that increased supply can drive the price lower than the weaker weapon

  • Mastery 4 (+20 All Attack and Defense Stats): Available from many 14 star weapons (see "Ability IV" on the JP visiphone), though I'd target the NA names for Exacrimav and Exium Bunker as those were pretty cheap when I was trying to sell mine. Again, you could try searching for this affix name itself and it'll likely be on one of those weapons.
  • Phrase Decay (5% increased damage to enemies affected by Jellen): Available from any Basilisk weapon

Phrase Decay causes some debate as 5% damage is greater than any flat stat affix, but it requires someone applying Jellen regularly. However, Phantom has an ability that inflicts Jellen status when attacking and the argument is that in most 12-man content there will be a couple Phantoms applying this (or Hunters or Rangers). Although if you mostly play solo content and aren't one of those classes it can be a dead affix so some people choose not to run it.

Alternatives could be Modulator or Sentence Triple which both give +30 to All Attack stats. Modulator can come from a number of sources (e.g. Detonation series, Claudium series, Allure series, Xerraire Series, etc.) and Sentence Triple can come from Zeinesis, Cliffard, or the Novel series weapons.

You could also upgrade a couple of the aforementioned affixes by making your own copy of the Doom Break 3 SAF (need 6 copies of the same Orb series weapon from 15 star collection folder) or Mastery 5 (need 6 copies of the same Croesus or Millionaire series weapon from the other 15 star collection folder). Unfortunately though, 15 stars can't be sold in the Player Shop so you'd have to make these yourself and it'll take time to get 6 copies. And you'll need 6 copies of the same weapon because Collection Folder (and RWB/unique badge shop) weapons only have an enhancement cap of +30 to start off with and by using another copy to enhance it you'll raise the cap by it takes 6 copies (base + 5 more for enhancing) to get to +35 to unlock the SAF. You can check a weapon's current enhancement cap by looking on the 2nd page of the weapon's details (number gets highlighted when at a max of +35). It's also a good habit to check the enhancement cap of weapons in the Player Shop before you buy.

Affixing Without SAFs

When you don't use an SAF, you'll almost always need multiple copies of the affix on different pieces of fodder to increase the chance of successfully affixing it, and for the stronger affixes you'll usually need to add in an Augmentation Aid item to get the percentage to 100%.

For an all-class weapon, one of the current "Glare" affixes would be ideal. In particular, Exegul Glare grants +20 to All Attack stats and +50 to All Defense stats. And if you include 2 pieces of fodder that have Exegul Glare on them in your affixing recipe this will give you a 50% chance of successfully putting it on your weapon. However, because it's a 10% boost week, you will currently have a 60% chance of success and can use a 40% AA item to get this to 100%! Update: Origin Glare now available!

Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of other easy to make All Stat affixes (e.g. Veteran's Resolve or Crack would be a chore), but you can make some of the affixes mentioned earlier without using an SAF weapon and there's an affix assistant site that can show you all the combinations that will result in each one (note that that link takes you to a fan translation of the original JP assistant).

Adding a Capsule?

You can include a capsule in any affixing recipe and it'll affix with 100% success. The strongest stat capsules are the Grand series, but these can be expensive so the Graceful series is a budget friendly step down. For example, Grand Might grants +60 Melee dmg, +5 PP, and +20HP while Graceful Might grants +50 MEL and +5 PP.

However, for an all-class weapon you wouldn't want one of these single stats and would probably consider either Grand Stamina (+6 PP, +100HP) or Graceful Stamina (+5 PP, +80 HP) instead. Grand Spirit (+15 PP) is also an option to consider if you prefer PP. The nice thing is that even the Grand versions of these two should be significantly cheaper than their attack stat counterparts.

Putting It All Together

Personally, for UH content I'd go with Astral Soul, Doom Break 2, Exegul Glare, and Phrase Decay (or Mastery 4/Grand Spirit/Stamina). This would give you +80 to all attack types, +8 PP, +35 HP, +85 to all defense stats, and 5% extra damage to enemies inflicted with Jellen (plus your S4 and S5 abilities).

To make this you could set up your recipe like this (using all 6-slot weapons):

  • Base Weapon: Rivalate with S4, S5, and 4 junk affixes
  • Fodder 1: +35 Union Weapon (Astral Soul SAF)
  • Fodder 2: +35 Ceres Weapon (Doom Break 2 SAF)
  • Fodder 3: +35 Basilisk Weapon (Phrase Decay SAF)
  • Fodder 4: any weapon with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 5: any weapon with Exegul Glare
  • Plus a 40% Augmentation Aid Item

Keep in mind that we needed the 10% boost week to affix Exegul Glare with 100% in the above recipe. If it's a non-boost week it'll be easiest to replace Exegul Glare with Mastery 4 or a Grand/Graceful capsule. Alternatively, you could go back to the Affix Assistant and see if there are any other recipes that would increase the success rate of Exegul Glare above 50%. What you'd see is that the most feasible formula would be including 2 copies of Exegul Glare and 1 copy of Divine Will which would grant you a 70% success rate (meaning you'd only need a 30% AA item to reach 100%). Divine Will actually drops pretty frequently in UH content and you could search the Player Shops to see if anyone has a weapon with both Divine Will and Exegul Glare at 6-slots and then just use the same recipe as above.

If that's too expensive, you'd have include 1 weapon with Divine Will and 1 weapon with Exegul Glare in your final recipe. This means you'd have to affix the 2nd copy of Exegul Glare onto either your base weapon or one of your SAF fodder weapons prior to using it in your final recipe. For example, you'd select your Union weapon as your base weapon and then include 2 weapons with Exegul Glare + 1 weapon Divine Will as fodder to create a Union Weapon that now has Exegul Glare on it. Then you'd use that new Union Weapon in the recipe above but swap out one of the Exegul Glare fodder pieces with a Divine Will fodder piece. So in total you'd need to acquire 3 pieces of Exegul Glare fodder and 2 pieces of Divine Will fodder to actually make your weapon (2 Exegul Glares and 1 Divine Will would be dedicated to adding Exegul Glare to your Union weapon).

Long Tangent on Adding Mana Reverie

If it's not a boost week, or you're low on resources, you can go with a 4- or 5-slot weapon instead. Although you'll lose some power by dropping an augment from the previous recipe, you can try to counteract this by affixing stronger augments in their place. The rationale for this is that the price of stronger fodder will be cheaper at lower slots. For example, one of the "super affixes", Mana Reverie, is actually relatively easy to make on weapons it's just that getting the fodder at say 8-slots can be pretty expensive. However, buying the parts at 5 slots, or definitely 4 slots, should be a lot more feasible.

Making Mana Reverie

Mana Reverie grants +50 to all attack stats, +4 PP, and +20 HP so it's perfect for your all-class weapon! However, it requires 5 pieces of fodder affixes and making them from scratch takes a lot of resources and some luck (i.e. the chance of success is so low that even with a 40% augmentation aid you can't get it up to 100% so you gotta roll the dice).

Fortunately, weapon SAFs and a little shopping can help you skip steps! In particular, Mana Reverie requires 4 copies of Reverie Catalyst and 1 copy of Omega Memoria in your final recipe. And the nice thing is that Reverie Catalyst is a SAF on any Profound series weapon (Persona UQ) and Omega Memoria can actually drop in the wild (Luther UQ). Because people have been farming those UQs recently there are a lot on the market and you should be able to get each for under a million for 5-slots and probably even 6s. To "see" the names of profound weapons you can search through Zig's exchange as it's used in making Trailblazer weapons. And then you can just type in Omega Memoria in the augment text box on the right side of the Player Shop search menu to look for that one.

Update - Reverie Catalyst can now be found as the SAF on the Lamia Dran as well!

Sidenote - If you need to make Omega Memoria from scratch you'll need to combine 1 copy each of Fabula Soul, Historia Soul, and Omega Reverie. However, this will only grant you a 10% base chance of success so you'll likely have to try multiple times before succeeding even with Augmentation Aid items and boost week.

Creating Your Own Fodder

So now you have your 4 Profound weapons at +35 (unlocks SAF) and your 1 weapon with Omega Memoria on it (doesn't have to be at +35 as it's not an SAF). However, this will take up 5 fodder weapons and you can only use 5 pieces of fodder while making your final how do you add in your other weapons/affixes?!

The trick is that you'll need to do an extra step whereby you combine fodder items first in step 1 and then affix again to attach them all to your Rivalate in step 2.

So let's stick with the 6s all-class weapon from before. Our goals will now be:

  • S4
  • S5
  • Mana Reverie
  • Astral Soul
  • Phrase Decay
  • Exegul Glare (could replace with Doom Break 2 which would be easier because it's an SAF)

Step 1: Building Your Fodder

Combining affixes is easiest on SAF weapons because there's no risk of losing the affix you want on those weapons (will always be available when affixing once at +35).

So as we plan things out we want to avoid affixing the weapons with Omega Memoria and Exegul Glare if at all possible. However, these take up 3 fodder spots (of our 6 total spots in the final recipe) so it'll be unavoidable in this case. This is why swapping out Exegul Glare for Doom Break 2 SAF would make things a little easier. Anyways, Exegul Glare is easier to reproduce than Omega Memoria so we'll make our own version of one of those.

Our goal will be to add Reverie Catalyst to 4 pieces of our final recipe (custom fodder) so that the remaining 2 pieces can be Exegul Glare and Omega Memoria (natural/bought fodder).

Custom Fodder 1: S4, S5, and Reverie Catalyst

  • Base weapon: Rivalate with S4 and S5
  • Fodder: +35 Profound Weapon (Reverie Catalyst SAF)

Custom Fodder 2: Astral Soul + Reverie Catalyst

  • Base Weapon: +35 Union Weapon (Astral Soul SAF)
  • Fodder: +35 Profound Weapon

Custom Fodder 3: Phrase Decay + Reverie Catalyst

  • Base Weapon: +35 Basilisk weapon (Phrase Decay SAF)
  • Fodder: +35 Profound Weapon

Custom Fodder 4: Exegul Glare + Reverie Catalyst

  • Base Weapon: Any weapon with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 1: Any weapon with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 2: +35 Profound Weapon
  • Plus a 40% augmentation aid item to increase Glare affix success rate to 100%

Step 2 - Putting It All Together

Your final recipe will now look like this:

  • Base Weapon: +35 Rivalate with S4, S5, and Reverie Catalyst
  • Fodder 1 : +35 Union Weapon (Astral Soul SAF) with Reverie Catalyst
  • Fodder 2: +35 Basilisk Weapon (Phrase Decay SAF) with Reverie Catalyst
  • Fodder 3: weapon with Exegul Glare and Reverie Catalyst
  • Fodder 4: any weapon with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 5: any weapon with Omega Memoria
  • 40% augmentation aid item

Remember, this was created during a 10% boost week so it'd be much easier to replace Exegul Glare with a Doom Break 2 SAF on a non-boost week. To still include Exegul Glare without boost week you'd have to find a piece of fodder with Divine Will + Exegul Glare to replace the one with only Exegul Glare above. And if that was too expensive you'd have to follow the steps in the previous section and attach Exegul Glare to one of your SAF weapons while attaching Reverie Catalyst so that you could have Divine Will on a stand-alone piece of fodder in your final recipe.

Note on Creating Aether Factor

Now that you know how to make Mana Reverie, you can use those steps to similarly create Aether Factor which is one of the other ultimate affixes. In particular, Aether Factor requires 4 copies of Factor Catalyst on fodders + 1 copy of Aether Soul.

Similar to our Mana Reverie set-up, the nice thing is that Factor Catalyst is actually the SAF of a weapon called the Lamia Sleider which drops from the new Ship Infiltration Ultimate Quest. So with 4 copies at that weapon at +35 you'll have all the necessary catalyst fodder. You'd then add these Factor Catalysts to the other weapons in your final recipe just as we did when making the custom fodder with Reverie Catalyst. (However, please note that each weapon is limited to accepting only one catalyst so you can't put both Factor Catalyst and Reverie Catalyst on the same weapon.)

Aether Soul is a little more complicated, but fortunately its components are easier to buy compared to making Omega Memoria from scratch. In particular, you'll have a 10% chance of creating Aether Soul if you combine fodder with any 2 of the following 3 souls: Eastern Soul, Fullvegas Soul, and/or Escarde Soul. This is rough, but with a 40% Augmentation Aid and a 10% Boost Week you're looking at a 60% chance and those fodders are cheap enough that you can just keep trying this until it goes through. You could also affix Augment Guidance to the base weapon prior to each attempt to give yourself an additional 5% chance of success.

Alternate Plan - Creating an Armory for All Classes

Instead of making 1 weapon that invests in all 3 attack stats, the conventional wisdom is to make multiple weapons that each specialize in 1 attack stat. So if you want to "Change Weapon Category" at Zig each time you switch classes, it makes sense to specialize the three 15 star weapons they just gave us (Atlas Ex, Trailblazer, and Rivalate) into each of the damage types. Which weapon should be dedicated to which damage type could be determined by the S-grade augs you plan to use and the "potentials" on the weapons themselves. A weapon's potential is shown in the glowing text above your affixes and you can read about it on the 3rd page of the weapon's details. All of the potentials increase damage by a percentage, but they are different in that:

  • Atlas Ex: can use S1, S2, S3, and S4; increases dmg by 10% and has a potential that revives you upon receiving a fatal blow once per mission (guaranteed to proc).
  • Trailblazer: can use S1, S2, and S3; increases dmg by 10% and has the ability to refill all of your PP once you use a PA/tech while nearly empty (<10% left). When you refill your PP you'll also gain a +3% dmg boost for 30s and there will be a 2min cooldown until you can refill your PP again.
  • Rivalate: can use S4 and S5 augs; increases dmg by 16%, critical hit rate by +20%, and decreases PP consumption by 15%.

We'll talk about SGAs in more depth soon, but one idea would be to use the Atlas EX for melee because you're more at risk up close and may need the rezz, Trailblazer for tech because this might be the fastest/biggest PP user (and I believe at least the Force rod doesn't have super fast PP regen), and then ranged for Rivalate (though I could see swapping this to tech as Rod's typically your big damage dealer on Phantom, I think, and Rivalate has the highest base damage plus the decrease in PP consumption).

I'd also suggest working on the 15 star Croesus Collection Folder weapons for other classes as these have strong base stats and apparently a hidden (i.e. unlisted) +15% damage potential, plus they can also take S1, S2, and S3 augments. You can leave them at +30 and they'll still do a fine job in most content.

Lastly, I'd recommend investing over time in certain 14 star weapons from the Unique Weapon Badge Shop and RWB5 Shop as some of them can compete with 15 stars. Off the top of my head you'll want the Rykros Staff (Harmonizer) and Jupiter Tullus (Soaring Blades) from the RWB5 shop for sure. In addition, there was a time when I'd heard that the Lavis Cannon (Wand), Eternal Psycho Drive (Rod), Dual Bird (TMG), and Spread Needle (Rifle) were pretty strong from the RWB5 shop too...and possibly Gear Experience (Knuckles). And then from the unique badge shop you'll want the Serpent Prenzer (Jet Boots) for sure and then I'm not confident on anything else from there (though the Genon series can be useful as specialty weapons you switch to for regenerating PP when combined with certain S-grade augments like s2 and s3 Lucent Adversity).

Recipes for Your Weapon Armory

S-Grade Augments (SGAs) - Because SGAs can grant % damage increases, they are usually better than flat stat affixes so I'd recommend putting all the possible SGAs on each weapon in your armory. As mentioned before, the other benefit of SGAs is that you can always swap them out individually later when you find a better one (i.e. switching them via the Transfer S-grade Augments option at Monica/Dudu doesn't require re-affixing your whole weapon).

Upslotting with SGAs - One thing to keep in mind is that SGAs do NOT face the "upslotting penalty" as detailed earlier. This means that even when upslotting their chance of successfully affixing will stay at 100%.

My Recommendation - Because SGAs don't require a complicated formula to affix on a weapon, and they are not affected by the upslotting penalty, it may be in your budget to upslot your 15 star weapons to 6-slots during the current boost week (or 5 slots on a non-boost week). I say this in part because you won't need to buy as much fodder to fill in all 6 slots with regular augments.

The other part was covered earlier in demonstrating how much upslotting via SGAs can improve your overall success rate and make it possible to roll the dice upslotting with cheaper 30% Augmentation Aids as opposed to 40% AAs.

Affixing Atlas Ex (melee weapon)

Because the Atlas can take S1-S4 augments, at 5-slots you'd only need 1 regular augment to finish your build and at 6s you'd only need 2 regular augs. Considering 6-slots, you could go:

  • S1 (will go over which SGAs to consider at the end of this post)
  • S2
  • S3
  • S4
  • Astral Soul
  • Might 6 (45 melee dmg) or Phrase Decay (5% dmg boost to targets afflicted with Jellen)

This means your recipe would only need 2 SAF fodder weapons - any +35 Ray/Union weapon for the Astral Soul SAF and any +35 melee Dim weapon or +35 Basilisk weapon for the Might 6 or Phrase Decay SAF respectively. Of course, if you have the meseta you could also try to build Mana Reverie as outlined earlier.

You could also buy a Graceful Might capsule which would grant +50 melee dmg and +5 PP but this will probably cost more than a 6-slot Dim or Basilisk weapon (especially while enhancing them to +35 is free).

Or if you wanted to increase your DEF more for UH content you could replace Might 6/Phrase Decay with one of the Glares we talked about in the first post. For a melee build you'd probably target either:

  • Angele Glare: 30 melee dmg; 40 MEL DEF, 20 RNG DEF, 20 TEC DEF
  • Mitra Glare: 30 MEL dmg; 30 RNG dmg; 2 PP; 20 HP; 20 all DEF

If you're on a budget I'm assuming Angele Glare will be cheaper as it's been around longer and I think Mitra only drops from Divide Quests. And just like Exegul Glare, you'd need 2 copies of these on fodder weapons to achieve a 50% success rate (which would increase to 60% via the 10% boost week and then 100% if you used a 40% AA item). As covered earlier, on a non-boost week you'd need to include another piece of fodder with Divine Will to increase the chance of success to 70% (and then 100% with a 30% AA item).

Affixing Trailblazer (casting weapon)

  • S1
  • S2
  • S3
  • Astral Soul (SAF from any +35 Ray/Union weapon)
  • Casting 6 (SAF from any +35 casting/technique Dim weapon)
  • Phrase Decay (SAF from any +35 Basilisk weapon)

Again, buying a Graceful Casting capsule would give you +50 TEC dmg and +5 PP. These will be cheaper than the melee variety, but still might be more expensive than 6-slot Dim or Basilisk weapons.

Or you could replace Casting 6/Phrase Decay with a Glare for more DEF stats, in this case either:

  • Duminus Glare: 30 TEC dmg, 20 MEL DEF, 20 RNG DEF, 40 TEC DEF
  • Varuna Glare: 30 TEC dmg; 30 MEL dmg; 2 PP; 20 HP; 20 all DEF
  • Shiva Glare: 30 TEC dmg; 30 RNG dmg; 2 PP; 20 HP; 20 all DEF

Duminus should be cheaper and I think Varuna is available now via Divide Quests, but Shiva is not available yet (though I haven't checked so they both might not be available at the moment).

Other SAF options are things like:

  • Sentence Magia (20 TEC dmg; 3 PP; 20 HP) from casting weapons in the Ivlida, Cleasis, or Schevelle series
  • Doom Break 2 (25 all attack; 3 PP) from the Ceres weapon series as mentioned earlier (probably your cheapest option)
  • Sentence Casting (20 TEC dmg; 4 PP) from the casting weapons in the Gix or Phobos series
  • Flict Magia (20 TEC dmg; 3 PP) from a Blade Stabilizer in the Astracite shop or Photon Booster shop (would need 6 copies to increase grind cap to +35)

You could also explore non-SAF options such as:

  • Mother Factor (20 TEC dmg; 10 MEL and RNG dmg; 1 PP; 20 HP) although this would require 3 copies on fodder to reach a 50% chance of success (or 2 copies + 1 copy of Fullvegas Soul). On a non-boost week you'd need 3 copies + Fullvegas Soul to reach 70% success.
  • Luther Reverie (40 TEC dmg; 20 MEL and RNG dmg; but subtracts (-)20 HP) although this would require 3 copies on fodder to reach a 50% chance of success (or 2 copies + 1 copy of Fabula Soul). On a non-boost week you'd need 3 copies + 1 copy of Fabula Soul to reach 70%.

I know this is a lot of information, but once you pick the affixes you want we could walk through the final recipe for each of them.

Affixing Rivalate (ranged weapon)

  • S4
  • S5
  • Astral Soul (any +35 Ray/Union)
  • Precision 6 (any +35 ranged Dim weapon)
  • Phrase Decay (any +35 Basilisk weapon)
  • Graceful Precision (capsule)

I'd probably recommend buying the capsule for this weapon because it has the most affix slots to fill and the ranged cap should only cost around 1 million or so. However, as with the other weapons there are Glares, other SAFs, or other non-SAFs you could replace stuff with...

  • Berouge Glare should be cheap and grants 30 RNG dmg; 40 RNG DEF; 20 MEL and TEC DEF
  • There's also Mitra and Shiva glare as mentioned above, and all Glares will require 2 copies to reach a 50% success rate (which goes up to 100% with +10% from boost week and a 40% AA item). On a non-boost week you'd again need a copy of Divine Will in your recipe to reach 70% success.

There are also similar SAFs available as discussed under Trailblazer:

  • Sentence Tyro (20 RNG dmg; 3 PP; 20 HP) - from any ranged Ivlida, Cleasis, or Schvelle weapon
  • Doom Break 2 as mentioned earlier from the Ceres series
  • Sentence Precision (20 RNG dmg; 4 PP) - from any ranged Gix or Phobos weapon
  • Flict Tyro (20 RNG dmg; 3 PP) - from Missouri M13 weapon in Astracite or Photon Booster exchange shops (need 6 copies to increase grind cap to +35)

And there are also Factors or Reveries you could make yourself such as:

  • Yamato Factor (20 RNG dmg; 10 MEL and TEC dmg; 1 PP; 20 HP) - requires 3 copies of Yamato Factor on fodder for a 50% success rate (or 2 copies and 1 copy of Eastern Soul). Would need 3 copies + Eastern Soul on a non-boost week.
  • Apprentice Reverie (40 RNG dmg; 20 MEL and TEC dmg; but negative (-)1 PP and negative (-)10 HP) - requires 3 copies of Apprentice Reverie on fodder for a 50% success rate (or 2 copies and 1 copy of Fabula Soul). Would need 3 copies + Fabula Soul on a non-boost week.

Deciding on S-Grade Augments

A full list of the currently available S-Grade Augs (SGAs) can be found here.

One note on searching for them in the Player Shop is that you can always find ones already on weapons by using the augment text fields on the right side of the screen and typing in the full name (or, once you've "seen" them in game, just type in S1 and it'll show you a list of all the S1s you've seen). However, many SGAs can also be added via a capsule item. To search for these you use the regular text field (one at the top of the page on the left) and search "Add S2: Precision Will 2" or whatever your SGA name is (the key part is you have to use the word "Add" at the start).

Sidenote on SGA capsules - When you buy an SGA capsule, if you don't want to re-affix your base weapon you'll have to first re-affix another placeholder weapon that can accept that SGA (e.g. the Croesus and Millionaire series can take S1-S3 augs) and add it during the affixing process. Then you'll use the Transfer S-Grade Augments option at Monica/Dudu to move the SGA from the placeholder weapon to your base weapon. You can see which SGAs a weapon can take by looking on the 2nd page of the weapon's details (should be a line that reads "Compatabilities" or something like that and it'll show symbols for the SGAs it can slot).

Personally, I use the Critical Hit Damage boosting S1-S3 augs which give extra dmg whenever you land a critical hit. These are especially useful on Braver because the class can reach 100% chance of landing critical hits so this damage boost is always active. However, on other classes these may not be the best bet.

For example, OP was currently playing Phantom and it looks like Phantom will probably have a base critical hit chance around 45% - 55% if I'm reading the skill tree right. This number comes from the fact that every class starts off with a 5% crit hit chance and it looks like the only Phantom skill that increases crit rate is "Critical Stream". At level 5, that ability increases your crit rate by 20% of your max PP with a maximum increase of 60%. So if you have 200PP you'll get an extra 40% crit rate, 250PP = 50%, and 300PP = 60%.

In addition to this, you can increase your critical hit rate by wearing a Critical Strike (Right) ring. There are rings for each damage type (i.e. Critical Strike: Melee/Ranged/Technique) and if you upgrade them to Level 20 you'll get +20% crit rate and 3% extra crit dmg corresponding to the ring's damage type. However, if you max out all 3 types of crit rings you can actually combine them into the Composite Critical Strike Ring which gives a damage bonus to all 3 attack types (you'd do this at the Ring Vendor inside Franca's Cafe). The Composite Critical Strike (R) Ring will have the effect of each Level 20 ring at Level 1 so you don't need to waste resources enhancing it. And because this is a 0 meseta boost week, it's a great time to make rings if you have the material from harvesting/fishing in exploration missions. A great way to level up your rings is just by equipping them while you run Tokyo Keys.

Update - There's also an SGA for back units called S6: Skillful Adept which will increase your crit rate by 15%. And then there's the S7: Rainbow Adept SGA which increases crit rate by 30% when one of the gleam SGAs is also active (Petalgleam, Seagleam, Snowgleam, Moongleam, Leafgleam, or Shadowgleam)..

Critical Damage S-Grade augments:

  • S1 Precision Will: 3% crit dmg
  • S2: Precision Will: 3% crit dmg
  • S2: Precision Will 2: 4% crit dmg
  • S3: Precision Will: 4% crit dmg
  • S3: Precision Will 2: 5% crit dmg

It will be cheaper to buy the base version of the S2 and S3 so I'd start out with those as that extra 1% dmg probably isn't worth the meseta if you're hurting on funds.

Aside on S-Grade Augments as SAFs - One useful bit of info is that S2: Precision Will is actually the SAF for any weapon in the Vadis series! What's great about getting a weapon with an S-grade aug as its SAF is that you can transfer that augment infiintely to other weapons (i.e. you only ever need 1 copy to put it on both your Atlas Ex and Trailblazer). To explain:

  • You buy a Vadis weapon and enhance it to +35 to unlock its SAF
  • You affix your Vadis using fodder with the same number of slots and junk augments to attach S2: Precision Will to the Vadis
  • You use the Transfer S-Grade Augments menu option at Monica/Dudu to transfer S2: Precision Will to your Atlas Ex. Doing this will decrease the slots on your Vadis weapon by 1 because you are not replacing its S2 with another S2.
  • You now re-affix your Vadis weapon using fodder with the same number of slots and junk aguments to re-attach S2: Precision Will to it
  • You then go back to Monica/Dudu and use the Transfer S-Grade Augments option to move S2: Precision Will to your Trailblazer Weapon. Doing this will decrease the number of slots on your Vadis weapon by 1 again.
  • Your Vadis weapon will now have 2 fewer slots than it started with, but this isn't a bad thing because it actually just makes it cheaper to re-affix the Vadis to re-attach S2: Precision Will. For example, when you're down to only 1 or 2 slots you can just buy weapons from an NPC to re-affix your Vadis each time which is super cheap.

Other useful damage boosting S-Grade Augments include:

  • S1: Augment Will - 0.5% dmg boost for every affix on your weapon, maxes out at 4% dmg on an 8-slot weapon (still pretty darn expensive and not worth it on a 5s or 6s weapon)
  • S1: Aggressive Will - Flat 2% dmg boost (super duper cheap)
  • S1: Goliathslayer's Will - 4% dmg boost against bosses (super cheap)
  • S2: Aggressive Will - Flat 2% dmg boost (pretty darn expensive)
  • S2: Goliathslayer's Will - 4% dmg boost against bosses (super cheap)
  • S3: Aggressive Will - Flat 2% dmg boost (super cheap)

Corresponding SAFs that you could infinitely transfer to your weapons once at +35:

  • Val Alz gunblade has S1: Aggressive Will as its SAF
  • Any weapon in the Mars or Awake series has S2: Goliathslayer's Will as its SAF

It also looks like you can get S1: Goliathslayer's Will in the Rising Weapon Badge (RWB) 5 shop as an Add Ability capsule.

Another one to consider is S1: Comrade's Blessing which is the SAF of the Silent Tree weapon in the RWB 5 shop (though again you'd need 6 copies of it to increase its enhancement cap to +35 and unlock the SAF). From the wiki, it applies the following buffs (to only yourself) depending on the number of players in your party:

  • 2 Members: PP Consumption -8%
  • 3 Members: +10% Critical Hit Rate
  • 4 Members: Attack Power +3%

And then there are SGAs that lower PP consumption which can be nice too. Examples include S1: Photon Descent (SAF on Val Drache, Volare, and Radda), S1: Photon Descent 2, S2: Photon Descent, S2: Photon Descent 2, S2: Sky-Earth Lucency, S3: Photon Descent, S3: Strikeflow Descent, etc.

Personally, if you're on a budget, I'd either start with S1-S3 Precision Will or, if your crit rate isn't close to 100%, S1: Aggressive Will, S2: Goliathslayer's Will, and S3: Aggressive Will.

For the S4, the strongest option is likely S4: Escalating Pursuit which is now available for 600 Rising Weapon Badge 5s (and prices have dropped significantly on the Player Shops as a result). Because Escalating Pursuit comes from a capsule, you could add this to your Rivalate while upslotting or in your final recipe if you're not planning on using a different stat capsule at that point (e.g. Graceful Might). You could also use the S4 from the Atlas Ex Gunblade SAF (Lifesteal Strike) for double the healing or you could "Category Change" the Atlas Ex at Zig into the Partisan (Victo Ex) for S4: Photon V Adaptation which will save you PP/refill your PP faster based on your max PP (the % saved is given by the formula (Your Max PP - 120) * 0.10, i.e. 10% of your max PP - 120). There are also several useful S4s specific to certain weapons on the Atlas Ex weapon types and I'd look through the wiki link at the top of this section to read more about them.

If you're going the all-class route, you're pretty much confined to using the Rivalate Gunblade S5 (Skillful Adept Will) because the others are tied to a specific weapon class. Otherwise you should check the wiki link to read the description of the Rivalate S5 specific to your weapon class to see if it's better than Skillful Adept Will.

Creating Your Unit Recipe

With all of your knowledge about affixing weapons, we can now talk about the more complicated case of units.

Lengthy Aside on Unit S-Grade Augments (SGAs here, SSAs in JP guides):

Just like weapons, units can also take SGAs with some differences:

  • Only 13 star units can use SGAs
  • Units can slot only 1 SGA per piece
  • Back units can socket S6
  • Arm units can socket S7
  • Leg units can socket S8

And similar to weapons, whenever possible you're going to want to slot an SGA on your units for a number of reasons:

  • They can grant unique abilities specific to your class that you can't get from regular augments
  • From what I understand, even flat stat buffs like Fortified Melee (+30 MEL) are stronger than regular unit augments like Might 3 because they count as "base stats" in your damage calculation meaning that they're multiplied by your buffs like the Attack Up Alliance Tree buff, the Shifta Drink buff, and the buff from Casting Shifta.
  • They also affix with 100% success and do not face the upslotting penalty so they can help increase your overall chance of upslotting as mentioned in the previous post.
  • Like all SGAs, they're never a wasted investment because you can transfer them individually using the Transfer S-Grade Augments option at Monica/Dudu (i.e. you don't have to reaffix your whole unit to change them out)

The list of unit SGAs available on global can be found here (and here's a link to the ones on JP which includes those we'll be getting in the future).

Unfortunately, getting unit SGAs is more difficult than weapon ones because they don't appear as SAFs and13 star units can't be traded on the Player Shop. This means that the only unit SGAs you can buy from others are the tradeable Add Ability capsules. You'll search for these using the text box at the top left of the Player Shop search menu option and type in something like "Add S6: Guardian Shield" making sure to include the word "Add" in your search. Once you've "seen" an SGA in game you can just type "Add S6" in that first text box and use the button to the right of it to show the names of all S6s you've seen.

Other than the Player Shop, for starter unit SGAs you can find a bunch in the Prize Medal Exchange Shop under the Limited Prize Medal Exchange menu option (shop can be found on the 2nd floor of the Shopping Plaza near the Ex-Cube vendor - it was added into the one you used to exchange Buster Medals in Ep 5). You'll exchange Gold and Silver Medals that you get from the Armada UQ, Divide Quests, and I believe the Ship Infilitration Ultimate Quest.

Aside from these sources you'll get SGAs to drop on 13 star units while running certain UQs on UH difficulty as well as the 4th Daily Recommended Quest when it's the one labeled Disturbing Whistle of Chaos (see the link above to the list of unit SGAs to see which ones drop from which activities). Divide Quests also drop some SGA capsules that are worthwhile like S7: Fortified Attack 2.

There's also a limited time exchange (think it ends this reset!!) to trade in AC Items/Recycle Badges for a few SGAs in the Swap Shop that's on the lower left of the Shopping Plaza right below where you'd enter Franca's Cafe. In particular, for 40 AC Items/Recycle Badges you can buy 1 copy of S8: Skydance Support which is an endgame SGA that casts 10 seconds of Shifta + Deband automatically when you're in the air for 2+ seconds (and the effect can stack). Recycle badges have skyrocketed in price since this exchange was introduced, but if you want to min/max and have 35-40M to spare it's probably worth it unless you don't mind farming UH triggers (hear UH Luther may have the best chances due to the drop table options). However, I also hear it'll be a guaranteed drop from a high level clear (level 100?) of a solo ultimate quest we'll get in the future (similar to the Omega Masquerade fight we have now).

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Upslotting Units

You upslot units via the same method that you upslot weapons so I'll refer to sections at the start of this guide for more details. In brief:

  • Go to Monica/Dudu on the 1st Floor of the Shopping Plaza and choose the affix augments menu option
  • Select your base unit (i.e. the one you want to wear eventually)
  • Select at least 2 "fodder" units that have the same number of slots (or more); these fodder units will be sacrificed/destroyed in the process of adding 1 slot to your base unit
  • Ideal fodder units will have "junk affixes" which are things like Might/Precision/Casting 1 that have 100% chance of successfully transferring before you get hit with the "upslotting penalty"
  • Select junk affixes equal to the number of slots on your base unit + 1 (thereby increasing the number of slots on your base unit by 1)
  • Buy a 30% or 40% Augmentation Aid (AA) Item from the Ex-Cube shop (2nd floor of shopping plaza) to use while upslotting to counteract the upslotting penalty and regain 100% chance of affixing success
  • On a non-boost week, the highest you can upslot with 100% success using a 40% AA item is 5 slots. It would take a 45% AA item (rare item from various title rewards) to get to 6 slots with 100% success.
  • However, during the current 10% boost week, you can get to 6 slots with a 40% AA item!

If you're short on funds and don't want to buy upslotting fodder units, I mentioned before that I've had pretty good success farming the Omega Masquerade solo ultimate quest for fodder pieces. Even on Stage 1 he should drop a good number of units and you can re-roll the Deband Drink until you get Special Effect Up to increase the chances of those drops having a higher number of slots. If possible, I'd also recommend completing Zig's quest that grants the Augmentalist talism and then keeping the +30 Nyoibo weapon in your inventory to also increase your chance at a higher number of slots.

Unit Augment Factors (SAFs)

Similar to weapons, certain units have access to "Augment Factors" which are augments that transfer with 100% success (before the upslotting penalty) so long as that unit is included as a piece of fodder in your affixing recipe. However, there are a couple differences:

  • Unit SAFs can only be found on 13 star units
  • Instead of enhancing your weapon to +35, you have to enhance your unit to +10 to unlock its SAF as an augment option while affixing

Remember, we can't sell 13 star units on the Player Shop so this means that we're limited to only those units we find, make, or buy from an NPC ourselves.

There are not a lot of unit SAFs and the full list of those available on global can be found here (and here's the list on JP if you want an idea of what's to come). I'd like to highlight 2 very useful sets of SAFs:

  • Novel / Rivalate Back: Might 5 / 6 respectively
  • Novel / Rivalate Arms: Precision 5 / 6 respectively
  • Novel / Rivalate Legs: Casting 5 / 6 respectively
  • Schvelle Back: Sentence Might
  • Schvelle Arms: Sentence Precision
  • Schvelle Legs: Sentence Casting

I point these out because you can purchase Novel units from the Rising Weapon Badge (RWB) 5 shop for 100 badges and the Rivalate units are currently being given out from the Limited Quest Campaign.

You can also upgrade Cleasis units into Schvelle units at Zig's Exchange for 30 Schvelle Boosters. Keep in mind:

  • Schvelle Boosters can be bought from the RWB4 shop at a price of 1 booster for 5 RWB4 badges (and you can exchange RWB5 badges for RWB4 ones).
  • You can upgrade Ivlida units into Cleasis units at Zig for 100 Cleasis Boosters and you can buy those boosters at the RWB4 shop as well (1:1 exchange).

You can purchase Cleasis and Ivlida units on the Player Shop, but you can also exchange 50 Buster Medals for a 5s Ivlida unit at the Prize Medal Exchange Shop under Limited Buster Medal Exchange. To farm Buster Medals you can run Buster Quest Free Mode solo as the quest scales to the number of players and you only have to defend 2 towers/rams as a solo player. The amount of badges you earn seems to vary, but I've seen between around 12 - 16 drop per run.

Oh, and keep an eye out on whether you got any Avion Orb or Avion Dusk units to drop from your rainbow keys as they have Doom Break 1 and Doom Break 2 as their SAFs.

Affixing Without an SAF

Similar to weapons, you will usually need more than one copy of an affix on multiple pieces of fodder to increase your chance of success when not using an SAF. As before, the affixing assistant (link to the translation with global names) is a huge help in that you pick an affix you want and it shows you all the possible combinations that can create that affix along with the chance of success. And just like with weapons, you'll usually want to look into adding a Soul as well as possibly a Glare, a Reverie, and/or a Factor.

Putting It All Together

For this example I'll assume that your base unit (i.e. the one you're wearing) is a set of Novel Units (from RWB5 shop) or the Rivalate Units from the current campaign. And in keeping with the original spirit of these posts, I'll also assume that you're trying to keep costs low.

Because it's boost week, I'd recommend going with at least 5 slots and ideally 6 if you have enough Ex-cubes to invest in 40% Augmentation Aid items (see previous post for advice on running solo PD triggers on EH for 40+ cubes in 10min or less). If you're reading this and it's not a boost week, I'd stick with 5 or 4 slots.

Due to the limit on SGAs (1 per unit), the limited SAF options, and the need for multiple fodder items to affix non-SAF augments, I'm going to recommend investing in 3 stat capsules from the Player Shops for your units. To save money I'd target the Graceful Might/Precision/Casting series (+50 dmg; +5PP) if you want more damage (Melee will be the most expensive). Alternatively, check the prices on Grand Stamina (100 HP; 6PP) and Grand Spirit (15 PP) if you'd like more HP or PP respectively. For our budget build we'll be using Graceful Stamina (80 HP; 5PP) as this should be the cheapest of the bunch.

And because it's currently a 0-meseta boost week, I recommend investing in as many Novel and Schvelle units as you can spare RWBs for because enhancing them to +10 to unlock their SAF only costs grinders right now. I'd also invest any spare Ex-cubes you have in 40% Augmentation Aids to upslot these units to 6-slots so you have fodder ready for the future (e.g. I'm planning on affixing my eventual Cras set with a 6s budget build until I can wrap my head around the endgame recipes that require using Augment Transfer passes).

Recipe #1 - Assuming Capsules and SAF Fodder

OK, so let's say you have the Rivalate set from the current campaign and have upslotted all 3 units to 6 slots. Here's a rainbow recipe that includes a balance of all stats:

  • S-Grade Augment or a Placeholder Affix (i.e. a weaker affix you plan on replacing with an SGA as soon as you get one)
  • Rivalate SAF (i.e. Might 6 on the back unit, Precision 6 on the Arms, and Casting 6 on the Legs)
  • Sentence Might / Precision / Casting (from the SAF on a +10 Schvelle Back / Arms / Leg unit respectively)
  • Graceful Stamina via Affix Capsule
  • Ex Alles Soul (non-SAF augment we'll make ourselves)
  • Exegul Glare (non-SAF augment we'll make ourselves)
  • 40% Augmentation Aid item

Note on Specializing in a Damage Type - If you want just one damage type, e.g. MEL dmg, then you'd need 2 additional pieces of Novel SAF fodder instead of using the Rivalate SAF (e.g. 2 extra Novel Back units at +10 would let you put Might 5 on your Arms and Legs instead of Precision 6 and Casting 6 respectively).

Ex Alles Soul grants +20 to all 3 attack stats, +2 PP, +50 HP, and +20 to all DEF stats. The DEF stats are especially appealing for UH content which is why I'm going with it over Alles Di Soul which grants +25 All Atk, +3 PP, and +35 HP. If you go to the Affix Assistant website you'll see that creating Ex Alles Soul is pretty straightforward:

  • If you have Ex Alles Soul on 2 pieces of 6-slot fodder your chance of success is 50%
  • With 3 copies on 3 pieces of 6-slot fodder your chance of succes is 80%

Because we're currently in a 10% boost week, we only need 2 piece of Ex Alles Soul fodder + a 40% AA item to reach 100% success (50 + 10 + 40). Otherwise we'd need 3 pieces of fodder and a 30% AA item.

Note on Specializing in a Dmg Type - If you'd like to focus on a single Damage type you could go with a different Ex Soul that sacrifices the other damage types and 30 HP for 10 more attack. Just like Ex Alles Soul, each of these requires 2 copies on fodder units for a 50% transfer rate and 3 copies for 80%

  • Melee Build = Ex Acto Soul: 30 MEL, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF
  • Range Build = Ex Tir Soul: 30 RNG, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF
  • Casting Build = Ex Magi Soul: 30 TEC, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF

Alternatively you could go with one of the corresponding Di Souls for 5 more attack & 1 more PP, but no HP or DEF (see affix assistant for the myriad of ways to make these with a 70% or greater success rate):

  • Acto Di Soul: +35 MEL, 3 PP
  • Tir Di Soul: +35 RNG, 3 PP
  • Magi Di Soul: +35 TEC, 3PP

Exegul Glare grants +20 All Attack and +50 to All DEF stats. I'm going with a Glare over a Reverie or a Factor because Glares don't subtract any stats (unlike most Reveries) and grant a hefty amount of DEF stats (unlike the Reveries or Factors). The downside of Glares is that they can require gambling to affix outside of Boost Week:

  • With 2 copies of Exegul Glare on 2 pieces of 6-slot fodder you have a 50% chance of success
  • Otherwise you'd need 2 copies of Exegul Glare + 1 copy of Divine Will to reach 70% success and you can't transfer Divine Will to fodder unless you use a receptor you can only currently get from whaling on the support scratch tickets

Thankfully we're still in a boost week so with 2 copies of Exegul Glare (50%) + boost week (10%) + the 40% AA item we'll reach 100% easy peasy!

Another All-Around Build Option - You could go with Fodrus Glare(+4 PP, +40HP, and +35 all DEF) which sacrifices 20 damage and 15 DEF for 4 PP and 40 HP. This could make sense if you went with Graceful Might over Graceful Stamina for example. This would require having Fodrus Glare on 2 pieces of 6-slot fodder to reach a 50% success rate.

UPDATE - Origin Glare has since been released on Global and is another popular all-stat alternative. Origin Glare grants +30 to All Atk, +2 PP, +20 HP, and +10 All DEF. So you'd get +10 All Atk, +2 PP, and +20 HP compared to Exegul Glare for the cost of 40 less All DEF. Definitely worth considering if you want a more offensive-minded build or are on a tight budget as people have been running trigger trains of the Primordial Darkness UQ and prices are relatively low at the moment.

Note on Specializing in a Dmg Type - There are also Glares that specialize in a particular damage type or a particular pair of damage types that may suit your style better. Like the other Glares, you'd need 2 copies of each of these on fodder to reach the 50% success rate. Here are the cheaper individual glare damage types:

  • Melee = Angele Glare: 30 MEL dmg, 40 MEL DEF, 20 RNG and TEC DEF
  • Range = Berouge Glare: 30 RNG dmg, 40 RNG DEF, 20 MEL and TEC DEF
  • Casting = Duminus Glare: 30 TEC dmg, 40 TEC DEF, 20 MEL and RNG DEF

And here are the combo damage types that will likely cost more because they've been released recently from Divide Quests:

  • Mitra Glare: 30 MEL dmg, 30 RNG dmg, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF
  • Varuna Glare: 30 MEL dmg, 30 TEC dmg, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF
  • Shiva Glare (don't think it's been released yet): 30 RNG dmg, 30 TEC dmg, 2 PP, 20 HP, 20 all DEF

Budget Considerations

While this recipe isn't complicated in the sense of requiring you to make your own fodder units (as detailed in the next section), it will still be moderately expensive given the price of 6-slot Ex Souls and Glares at the moment. If you check prices and they're outside your budget you have a few options:

Option A - Keep Ex Soul and Exegul Glare because you want those DEF stats and just go for a 5 or 4 slots unit which should be much cheaper.

  • If you go for 5-slots I'd drop the Schvelle unit and its Sentence Might/Precision/Casting SAF.
  • If you go for 4 slots I'd drop the Schvelle unit and Graceful Stamina.

Option B - Stick with 6 slots and switch:

  • Ex Alles Soul for one each of Ex Acto Soul, ex Tir Soul, and Ex Magi Soul. On my ship 6-slot Ex Alles was running 10x more expensive than Ex Acto so shop around. You could also look into the fodder (2 souls) required to make Alles Di Soul which also shouldn't be as expensive (see the next post for the souls required).
  • Exegul Glare for Berouge Glare which I think should be the cheapest one (though check prices on Angele and Duminus too). Alternatively you could swap the Glare altogether for a Reverie or Factor augment which I'll talk about in Crafting Recipe #2.

Creating Recipe #1

Remember, our goal was a 6-slot Rivalate unit with: S-Grade Augment, Stat 6, Sentence Might/Precision/Casting, Ex Alles Soul, Exegul Glare, and Graceful Stamina

And from using the Affix Assistant we know that we need 2 pieces of fodder with Ex Alles Soul and 2 pieces of fodder with Exegul Glare. Keeping in mind that we can only use 5 pieces of fodder in one recipe, this means we'll need to make our remaining affixes via the 1 open fodder slot and our base Rivalate unit. Otherwise we'll have to create "custom fodder" such as attaching a copy of Ex Alles Soul to our Rivalate base unit PRIOR to creating our final recipe.

Thankfully, our base unit has an SAF we want (Might/Precision/Casting 6) and our other affixes are from another SAF (Sentence Might/Precison/Casting) and a capsule. So our final recipe is super easy and will look like this (keep in mind that the base and all fodder units must have 6 slots in this example):

  • Base unit: +10 Rivalate Back unit granting us access to Might 6 via SAF, ideally with an S6 SGA already on it
  • Fodder 1: +10 Schvelle Back unit granting us access to Sentence Might via SAF
  • Fodder 2: Any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 3: Any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 4: Any unit with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 5: Any unit with Exegul Glare
  • Graceful Stamina capsule in inventory
  • 40% Augmentation Aid item in inventory

Note on Using a Placeholder Instead of an SGA: The above recipe assumed that you transfered an S-Grade Augment onto your base unit prior to creating the final recipe. However, you can always affix a weak augment that's easy to affix as a placeholder until you can afford to buy an SGA. One useful placeholder is ARKS Fever which grants +5 All Attack and +5 PP as that PP is pretty nice to have in the short-term. What's also nice about ARKS Fever is that it only requires 1 copy to transfer with a 100% success rate. So a common strategy is to attach ARKS Fever to your base unit while upslotting. ARKS Fever only drops from ARKS Rappies on PSO2 Day so if you don't have one and it's too expensive, I'd recommend trying to create Stat 2 (+20 stat) while upslotting your two SAF units (Rivalate and Schvelle). For example, you can create Might 2 (+20 MEL dmg) from 2 copies of Might 1 at a 60% success rate (which goes to 100% with the 40% AA we're using). So if you plan things out and use Might 1 as one of your "junk affixes" while upslotting your Rivalate and Schvelle units to 6-slots you'll be all set to create Might 2 as a placeholder until you get your SGA later. Obviously, this isn't a big deal and you can just use Stat 1 (e.g. Might 1) as a placeholder instead as that only requires having 1 copy on either your base unit or one of your 5 fodder units.

And there ya go! If you put Sentence Might on your back, Sentence Precision on your arms, and Sentence Casting on your Legs you're looking at the following stats:

Rivalate Back:

  • SGA
  • 105 MEL
  • 40 RNG
  • 40 TEC
  • 11 PP
  • 130 HP
  • 70 All DEF

Rivalate Arms:

  • SGA
  • 40 MEL
  • 105 RNG
  • 40 TEC
  • 11 PP
  • 130 HP
  • 70 All DEF

Rivalate Legs:

  • SGA
  • 40 MEL
  • 40 RNG
  • 105 TEC
  • 11 PP
  • 130 HP
  • 70 All DEF

So with all 3 units you're getting a total of 185 All ATK, 33 PP, 390 HP, and 210 All DEF 🙂

Recipe #2: No Capsule and No Schvelle SAF

  • SGA
  • Stat 6 (from Rivalate SAF)
  • Ex Alles Soul
  • Exegul Glare
  • A Reverie (Apprengina, Elder, and Luther most likely, though we'll talk about Persona and Omega too)
  • A Factor (ideally would go with 1 each of Deus, Mother, and Yamato for the rainbow build...but this will depend on prices which we'll talk about)

While we'll be saving money on the Graceful Stamina capsule and buying a Cleasis unit to upgrade to Schvelle for the Sentence SAF, we'll see that this could end up costing a good deal more as we'll realistically have to build multiple pieces of custom fodder or spend more on the Player Shops to get fodder units that already have multiple affixes we want on the same piece. As a result, you could again go for a 5 or 4 slot affix instead. Or you can stay at 6 and we'll discuss replacing some of these augments with cheap flat stat things like Mastery 3, Stamina or Spirit 3/4, ARKS Fever, ARKS MAX, etc.

So we know how to make our Ex Souls and Glares already, it'll take 2 copies on fodder for each during the current 10% boost week. So let's look at the Reveries and Factors that we only mentioned briefly in the weapon section.


  • Omega Reverie: +15 All Atk, +1 PP, +20 HP
  • Elder Reverie: +40 MEL, +20 RNG and TEC, -2 PP (note, that does indeed say that Elder Reverie subtracts 2 PP)
  • Luther Reverie: +40 TEC, +20 MEL and RNG, -20 HP (minus 20 HP)
  • Apprengina Reverie: +40 RNG, +20 MEL and TEC, -1 PP, - 10HP (minus 1 PP and 10 HP)
  • Gemini Reverie: -20 All Atk, +5 PP, +50 HP (-20 to all 3 attack stats)
  • Persona Reverie: +40 All Atk, -20 All DEF (- 20 to all 3 defense stats)

So the big thing to consider with Reveries is whether you're OK losing some stats for more attack. If not, you just stick with Omega Reverie. Otherwise, you usually try to balance out the stats lost with your remaining affixes.

A common strategy is to affix Persona Reverie for the most Attack Stats (especially on Trailblazer units because it's their SAF) and then use a Glare to add back those DEF stats. However, for UH content having those extra DEF stats can prevent you from being 1- or 2-shot so I personally try to avoid it. For a rainbow unit I'd probably recommend 1 copy of Elder, Luther, and Apprengina for a total gain of +80 All Attack and a total loss of -3PP and -30HP. 3 copies of Persona Reverie would net you +120 All Attack and -60 All DEF by comparison.

As for affixing Reveries:

  • 3 copies of the Reveries, or 2 copies + either Historia or Fabula Soul = 50% success rate (recommended for boost week)
  • 3 copies + 1 copy of either Historia or Fabula Soul = 70% success rate (recommended for non-boost week)

In my experience, Historia Soul is much cheaper than Fabula so I'd search for that one first. And when you have a complicated recipe like Recipe #2, you really want to see if you can find fodder units on the Player Shop with both Historia Soul + Your Reverie to free up fodder spots in your final recipe.


  • Deus Factor: +20 MEL, +10 RNG and TEC, +1 PP, +20 HP
  • Yamato Factor: +20 RNG, +10 MEL and TEC, +1 PP, +20 HP
  • Mother Factor: +20 TEC, +10 MEL and RNG, +1 PP, +20 HP

There are no negative stats to consider here and you'll notice that the small amount of PP and HP added would offset the PP and HP lost from using Elder, Luther, and Apprengina Reverie. Instead, the constraint on adding these will mostly be in their cost/availability. For a time, Mother Factor was the most rare and Deus Factor was really common so you could buy 20+ copies of Deus Factor at the same cost as 1 copy of Mother Factor. This may have changed with the release of the combo Mother + Deus UQ trigger that some folks were farming so it's possible that Yamato is the most rare at the moment. I'd strongly encourage shopping around and maybe just going with 3 copies of the cheapest Factor as opposed to the rainbow (i.e. all-stat) build we've gone for so far.

As for affixing Factors:

  • 3 copies of the Factor, or 2 copies + 1 copy of Escarde Soul (for Deus), Eastern Soul (for Yamato), or Fullvegas Soul (for Mother) = 50% success rate (recommended for boost week)
  • 3 copies of the Factor + 1 copy of the aforementioned souls = 70% success rate (recommended for non-boost week)

Just like with the Reveries, for a complicated recipe likes ours we'll ideally want to find fodder that has both a soul and a factor on it. This is a second reason why going with 3 copies of Deus Factor is probably more feasible than the rainbow set-up because Escarde Soul is typically much cheaper than Eastern or Fullvegas.

Creating Recipe #2

So we have an SGA and an SAF from our base unit and need to create the other 4 affixes from our fodder. However, even with boost week, each recipe will need:

  • 2 copies of Ex Alles Soul
  • 2 copies of Exegul Glare
  • 2 copies of the Reverie and 1 copy of Historia Soul
  • 2 copies of the Factor and 1 copy of the corresponding Soul

That's a whopping 10 pieces of fodder when we only have 5 free spots!

For starters we're going to search high and low in the Player Shops for a copy of our Reverie and Factor that already have the necessary soul attached. However, remember that we're going to have to repeat this process for each of our 3 units! As a result, for a budget build I'd go with 3 copies of Luther Reverie + Historia Soul and Deus Factor + Escarde Soul as they seem to be the most available at the moment (e.g. a lot of people were farming the Luther UQ recently for S8: Skydance Support).

I'd also search the Player Shops to see if there were any affordable 6-slot units with both Ex Alles Soul and Exegul Glare already on them. However, for our purposes I'll assume those are too expensive and we'll have to create our own fodder from here on out.

So we're now down to needing 8 pieces of fodder and therefore need to free up 3 more spots. The easiest affixes to replicate (though not necessarily the cheapest) will be Ex Alles Soul and Exegul Glare because they only require 2 copies + a 40% augmentation aid to transfer. (However, keep in mind that a 40% AA item costs 100 Ex-cubes which could be turned into Grinders and sold an NPC for roughly 1.2M meseta so that "opportunity cost" should be factored into your decision making as well.)

Custom Fodder #1: Our Rivalate unit with Ex Alles Soul and Exegul Glare

  • Base unit: The Rivalate unit we'll use in our final recipe
  • Fodder 1: any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 2: any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 3: any unit with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 4: any unit with Exegul Glare
  • 40% Augmentation Aid Item

Now we're down to needing 6 pieces of fodder and just need to free up 1 more spot. As a result, we'll have to affix two other augments together and will go with whatever is cheapest. For example:

Custom Fodder #2: A unit with Ex Alles Soul and Exegul Glare

  • Base unit: Any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 1: Any unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 2: Any unit with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 3: Any unit with Exegul Glare
  • 40% Augmentation Aid Item

And with that we can now put together our final recipe:

  • Base unit: our custom made +10 Rivalate Back unit (Might 6 SAF) with an S6 SGA, Ex Alles Soul, and Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 1: our custom made unit with Ex Alles Soul and Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 2: our purchased copy of a unit with Deus Factor + Escarde Soul
  • Fodder 3: our purchased copy of a unit with Luther Reverie + Historia Soul
  • Fodder 4: any unit with Deus Factor
  • Fodder 5: any unit with Luther Reverie
  • Plus a 40% Augmentation Aid Item

What if it's not boost week?!

As you might expect, this all gets much harder when it's not boost week and it'll be more cost-effective in that case to buy a Graceful Stamina capsule to free up fodder spots. Because affixing Glares won't be 100% outside of boost week, I'd probably replace this augment with the capsule.

In addition, you'll need 3 copies of Ex Alles Soul to affix it outside of boost week so you could consider replacing that too. In particular, you can affix regular ol' Alles Di Soul with 1 copy of either Escarde, Historia, or Fabula Soul + 1 copy of a field boss soul (i.e. Bar, Ringa, Meduna, Shraider, Varder, X, Snow, Nept, Fang, Quartz, Vol, Jigmol, or Gunne Soul). What you should notice is that we already need a copy of Escarde Soul and Historia Soul for our Deus Factor and Luther Reverie recipes so we only need to fit in one of the other souls to make Alles Di Soul. I'm going to go with Vol Soul for this example as it's pretty easy to get these days due to the Valentine's Day UQ.

Creating Recipe #2 on a Non-Boost Week

So now we're looking at a 6-slot unit with:

  • SGA
  • Stat 6 (via SAF)
  • Graceful Stamina
  • Alles Di Soul
  • A Reverie (Luther for this example)
  • A Factor (Deus for this example)

This will require:

  • 2 pieces of fodder for Alles Di Soul
  • 4 pieces of fodder for Luther Reverie
  • 4 pieces of fodder for Deus Factor

So once again we're staring at the need for 10 fodders but we only have 5 free spots! Thankfully we can repeat some of our work from before:

  • 1 spot is freed up by reusing a soul from the reverie/factor to make Alles Di Soul
  • 1 spot is freed up by buying a 6-slot unit that has both Luther Reverie + Historia Soul already on it
  • 1 spot is freed up by buying a 6-slot unit that has both Deus Factor + Escarde Soul already on it

So we just need to free up 2 more spot by making custom fodder. Deus Factor is typically the cheapest to re-make so I'll focus on that, but you should shop around first.

Custom Fodder #1: 6-slot Rivalate unit with Deus Factor

  • Base unit: Rivalate unit we'll eventually wear
  • Fodder 1: any 6s unit with Deus Factor
  • Fodder 2: any 6s unit with Deus Factor
  • Fodder 3: any 6s unit with Deus Factor
  • Fodder 4: any 6s unit with Escarde Soul
  • 30% Augmentation Aid item

And then we'll need to combine Deus Factor + Luther Reverie on another unit. However, this will require buying 2 more units on the Player Shop that have those affixes + the souls we need.

Custom Fodder #2: 6-slot unit with Deus Factor and Luther Reverie

  • Base unit: any 6s unit with Deus Factor on it
  • Fodder 1: any 6s unit with Deus Factor
  • Fodder 2: purchased 6s unit with both Deus Factor and Escarde Soul on it
  • Fodder 3: any 6s unit with Luther Reverie
  • Fodder 4: any 6s unit with Luther Reverie
  • Fodder 5: purchased 6s unit with both Luther Reverie and Historia Soul on it
  • 30% Augmentation Aid item

Now we're ready to put the pieces together:

  • Base unit: Custom made 6s Rivalate unit ehanced to +10 (Stat 6 SAF) with SGA and Deus Factor
  • Fodder 1: Custom made 6s with Deus Factor and Luther Reverie
  • Fodder 2: purchased 6s with Deus Factor and Escarde Soul
  • Fodder 3: purchased 6s with Luther Reverie and Historia Soul
  • Fodder 4: any 6s with Luther Reverie
  • Fodder 5: any 6s with Vol Soul
  • 30% Augmentation Aid Item

Budget Considerations for Non-Boost Weeks

For starters, on a non-boost week you're most likely going to focus on a 5-slot recipe which makes both recipes above easier to put together. In addition, you can always go with a 4-slot recipe because the prices will be much lower and it's more affordable to "re-roll" the recipe and try to add a Glare even if the chance of success isn't 100%. For example, the simplest 4-slot recipe would be:

  • Base unit: 4-slot Rivalate unit at +10 (Stat 6 SAF) + SGA
  • Fodder 1: any 4s unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 2: any 4s unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 3: any 4s unit with Ex Alles Soul
  • Fodder 4: any 4s unit with Exegul Glare
  • Fodder 5: any 4s unit with Exegul Glare
  • 40% Augmentation Aid item

This would give you only a 10% chance of not affixing Exegul Glare and therefore losing a slot (or you could gamble more and go for a 20% risk by using the cheaper 30% Augmentation Aid item). However, at such low slots it won't cost much to re-upslot your Rivalate unit to 4 slots and then buy the fodder to try affixing Exegul Glare again.

You could also replace the more complicated Reverie and/or Factor recipes with something simpler like ARKS Fever (+5 All Atk, +5 PP) + ARKS MAX (+25 All Atk). In the weapon placeholder section we talked about how easy it is to affix ARKS Fever (only takes 1 copy to transfer at 100% success, i.e. great for upslotting). And if you have 3 copies of ARKS Fever in your recipe you can make ARKS MAX. So with 4 copies on fodder you can make both, and you could build all this fodder yourself by upslotting cheap ARKS Fever units to 5-slots.

  • Add those 4 ARKS Fever fodder copies + a Graceful Stamina capsule and you have yourself a cheap 5-slot build with SGA, Stat 6, Graceful Stamina, ARKS MAX, ARKS Fever.
  • Or drop ARKS Fever and you now have 2 fodder spots free to make Alles Di Soul.
  • Or drop ARKS Max, add ARKS Fever to your Rivalate Base unit, and you now you have all 5 fodder spots open to make Alles Di Soul + Mastery 3 (+15 All Atk, +15 Dex, +15 All DEF) or Stamina 3 or Spirit 3. There are a number of combinations that create these augments and you can poke around on the Affix Assistant to see what would work best for you.

And with that, I think this guide has finally reached its end! Thanks for reading and please leave any questions, suggestions, or corrections below and I'll make updates accordingly.

Addendum - Creating True Endgame Unit Affixes

I'm realizing now that I should add something about endgame recipes since we have Soul + Factor receptors in the Unique Weapon Badge Shop as well as some receptors in the Rising Weapon Badge 5 shop. You can also exchange Mission Badges for endgame affix capsules like Astral Soul, Aether Factor, and Mana Reverie (badges come from the Mission Pass directly or from recycling Mission Pass cosmetics into Badges at the physical Swap Shop in the Shopping Plaza).

I still need to wrap my head around this process, but will update this post over time once I get there. EDIT: Please see the posts on Page 2 of this thread for much more detail and a guide through some recipes.

As of now, my understanding is that there are 3 major steps...

Step 1:

Add an SGA to your endgame (Cras/Klauz) units and get them to 8-slots. To do this you wait for a Boost Week (ideally 15%) and then:

  • Upslot to 6-slots using a 40% Augmentation Aid
  • Affix "Augment Guidance" on your 6s units and pray to RNGesus that you can get to 7s or wait for any boost week (see below).
  • Affix "Augment Guidance" on your 7s units and pray again that you can get to 8s or wait for a 15% boost week (see below).
  • If you gamble, repeat these steps when you inevitably lose slots and have to start over.

Note on going from 6s to 7s: If you're willing to wait for a boost week (highly recommended), then you can go from 6s to 7s with 100% success. If it's a 10% boost week, you can either use a 50% AA item (not recommended) or you could use a 45% AA item + affix Augment Guidance on your 6s base units beforehand. To affix Augment Guidance you'll need 2 copies on fodder units (50% success) + a 40% AA item during a boost week. If it's a 15% boost week, you can either use a 45% AA item or a 40% AA item + affix Augment Guidance on your base 6s units beforehand.

Note on going from 7s to 8s: If you're willing to wait for a 15% boost week, you can reach 100% success by using a 50% AA item if you affix Augment Guidance onto your 7s base units beforehand. Keep in mind that you need 6 copies of 7s fodder with Augment Guidance on them to transfer it to all 3 of your base units and prices are very high for these augs at those slots at the moment.

Step 2:

Wait for a boost week and then make the ultimate fodder recipe using all the tricks known to man (affix Augment Guidance on base fodder, use your best boosters (i.e. break out those 45% and 50% Aug Aid items), and also use the same item bonus (i.e. both the base unit and the fodders have the same name)). Your end goal is a 4-slot unit with:

  • Guardian Soul
  • Absolute Glare
  • Crack 5
  • Veteran's Resolve 5

This will be the hardest step by far and will take a lot of planning, a lot of resources, and good deal of luck/patience. Basically, you'll create this monstrosity by slamming your head against the wall with hard-to-build custom fodder and a ton of 4-slot Augment Insurance items from AC Recycle Badges. I'll take a crack (or five!) at writing out a guide to all the custom fodder recipes once I digest other, smarter, guides first.

Creating the individual affixes is difficult but pretty straightforward. However, coming up with the most efficient recipe is less straightforward and for now I'll just link to this one posted by @Kamil118 on Reddit.

Edit: Please see the long posts on Page 2 of this thread for much more detail on how to approach different recipes as well as a couple step-by-step guides.

For the individual affixes:

Guardian Soul requires a combination of Astral Soul + Aether Factor + Mana Reverie + Absolute Glare. Each of these requires its own components and LamiaPony made a nice graphic on Reddit which shows you want you need. Keep in mind that you can transfer Guardian Soul afterwards using a Soul Receptor unit (Unique Weapon Badge shop).

Absolute Glare requires 4 copies of Glare Catalyst + 1 copy of Photoner Glare.

  • Glare Catalyst is made by combining 1 copy of Exegul Glare + Fodrus Glare + Berouge Glare + either Angele Glare or Duminus Glare. This will give you a 10% chance of making Glare Catalyst. Once you have a catalyst, you can transfer it to another piece of gear with 100% success using the Catalyst Receptor augment (think this is in the RWB5 shop). Otherwise, having 3 copies of Glare Catalyst grants you a 30% chance of moving it to another piece of gear. UPDATE: There are no Cataylst Receptors at the moment and the Affix Assistant is wrong in that you can't transfer Glare Catalyst using multiple copies, for now at least.
  • Photoner Glare is made by combining 1 copy of Mitra Glare + Varuna Glare + Shiva Glare + Origin Glare. Adding all 4 together will give you a 10% chance of making Photoner Glare. But if you have 2 copies of Photoner Glare they'll give you a 50% chance of moving it to another piece of gear (30% with just 1 copy).

Crack 5 is made by combining the lower Crack series together, in particular:

  • Crack 5 can be made with 3 copies of Crack 4 with a 20% success rate. 2 copies of Crack 5 moves it with 30% success and 3 copies moves it with 100% success.
  • Crack 4 can be made with 3 copies of Crack 3 with a 30% success rate. 3 copies of Crack 4 moves it with 100% success.
  • Crack 3 can be made with 2 copies of Crack 2 with a 50% success rate. 3 copies of Crack 3 moves this with 100% success.
  • Crack 2 can be made with 2 copies of Crack 1 with a 70% success rate. 3 copies of Crack 2 moves it with 100% success.

And lastly, making Veteran's Resolve 5 is pretty much the same as Crack 5 but with a slight wrinkle that including Soul of Darkness improves your chances by 10% for some steps. In particular:

  • Vet 5 can be made with 3 copies of Vet 4 with a 20% chance of success. 2 copies of Vet 5 moves it with a 30% chance and 3 copies moves it with 100% chance.
  • Vet 4 can be made with 3 copies of Vet 3 with a 30% chance, but adding Soul of Darkness (SoD) as well bring this up to 40%. 3 copies of Vet 4 moves it with 100% success, 2 copies + SoD grants 50%, and 2 copies alone grants 40%.
  • Vet 3 can be made with 2 copies of Vet 2 with a 50% chance of success, which bumps up to 60% if you also include SoD. 3 copies of Vet 3 moves it with 100% success, 2 copies + SoD grants 60%, and 2 copies alone grants 50%.
  • Vet 2 can be made with 2 copies of Vet 1 with a 70% chance of success. Having 3 copies of Vet 2 moves it with 100% success while having 2 copies moves it with a 70% chance.

Step 3:

  1. Use 15 Augment Transfer Pass to move these 4 augments to a 5-slot unit while adding Aether Factor via a capsule.
  2. Use 25 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 5 augments to a 6-slot unit while adding Mana Reverie via capsule
  3. Use 100 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 6 augments to your 8-slot Cras units while adding Astral Soul via capsule (it seems strange to me that they'd let you put 2 souls on a unit so maybe there's something that prevents this in the transfer pass system...if so you could replace with a Grand Capsule). One thing to note is that by having an SGA on your 8-slot Cras units you can skip the 50 transfer passes it'd require to move the augments in #2 to a 7-slot unit as the SGA will be available to select when using the transfer pass menu option.

And now you'll have an 8-slot Cras unit with SGA, Guardian Soul, Absolute Glare, Mana Reverie, Aether Factor, Astral Soul/Grand Stat, Crack 5, and Veteran's Resolve 5!

Stress-Free Endgame Recipe

One of our favorite Bravers, PigeonLyfe, recently suggested an alternative plan for those who don't want to minmax or stress about creating the aforementioned monster affixes from scratch. All you do is:

  1. Upslot your Cras unit to 6 slots and attach an SGA
  2. Create your favorite Glare from scratch on a 1-slot unit
  3. Use 5 transfer passes to move this onto a 2-slot unit while adding Astral Soul via capsule
  4. Use 5 transfer passes to move those 2 affixes onto a 3-slot unit while adding Mana Reverie via capsule
  5. Use 5 transfer passes to move those 3 affixes onto a 4-slot unit while adding Aether Factor via capsule
  6. Use 25 transfer passes to move those 4 affixes onto your 6s Crass unit while adding a Grand Stat capsule

And now you have a 6-slot Cras unit with your SGA, your Glare, Astral Soul, Mana Reverie, Aether Factor, and Grand Stat in the most painless way possible.

To add some numbers for comparison, let's assume you add Grand Might to both units (instead of Astral Soul in the monster recipe) and Mitra Glare in the painless method we just covered.

Stats from the Ultimate Recipe (one with Guardian Soul, Absolute Glare, Crack 5, and Vet 5):

  • SGA
  • MEL: 310
  • RNG: 250
  • TEC: 250
  • PP: 32
  • HP: 230
  • DEX: 170
  • MEL DEF: 220
  • RNG DEF: 220
  • TEC DEF: 220

Stats from the 6-slot painless method (one with Mitra Glare):

  • SGA
  • MEL: 205
  • RNG: 145
  • TEC: 115
  • PP: 22
  • HP: 105
  • DEX: 65
  • MEL DEF: 85
  • RNG DEF: 85
  • TEC DEF: 85

And to see how much better the painless build is compared to our Back Unit from Recipe #1 two posts ago, here's a copy of those stats again, but with Graceful Stamina replaced by Grand Might and Exegul Glare replaced by Mitra to make it more of a direct comparison (other 3 augs are Might 6, Sentence Might, and Ex Alles Soul):

  • SGA
  • MEL: 175
  • RNG: 50
  • TEC: 20
  • PP: 13
  • HP: 90
  • MEL DEF: 40
  • RNG DEF: 40
  • TEC DEF: 40

Thank you for posting this, I'm sure some people will find it helpful, even though it takes a lot of study and engagement to get these results!

@Armada-San I'd rather engage in combat than waste time on this. Too bad the fact that you could get higher stats means that the game needs to be balanced around that possibility. And bigger the number get, for no sensible reason.

@Armada-San Thanks for your response! I just added a brief Table of Contents to the 1st post to hopefully make it easier to navigate and added a much simpler endgame recipe to the final post for people that don't want to spend the time making all those hardcore affixes.

Thanks again for your help and thanks so much for posting this here! I hope your efforts help others as much as they helped me. I feel totally godlike now with the affixes I did in part thanks to your advice: it's really night and day from before when I was doing ok but never all that well.

@Mjolnir Congratulations again on all the affixing you got done during boost week!! I know it took a lot of effort and planning, but I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying the fruits of your labor 🙂 And thanks for your encouragement on the guide as I think it's much better as a result of your suggestions 😄

Just a note that I updated the endgame unit recipe section (Post #6) a little more in preparation for the upcoming 20% boost week. However, it still needs some work on the most efficient recipe for putting the 4 monster affixes on a single unit.

If you do nothing else, please upslot everything you may possibly need during this week, especially units, as it'll be much easier than normal. This will also be a great time to affix Glares and other augments that are hard to get above a 50% chance of success.

Personally, I've decided to skip trying to make Guardian Soul and will just go with the lazy build suggested by PigeonLyfe. For my main (Braver) I'll be making a 3-slot unit with Mitra Glare, Might 6 (Rivalate Back SAF), and Doom Break 2 (DB 3 is just too expensive for my budget). I'll then use Augment Transfer Passes to upslot while adding Astral Soul, Aether Factor, Mana Reverie, and Grand Might via capsules. An SGA will take up the 8th slot. For my Klauz weapon I'll eventually go with the super lazy S1-S5, Grand Might, Mana Reverie, and probably Phrase Decay (although I play solo 95% of the time so I may go rogue).

Can i make a WEAPON with Crack V , Absolute Glare , Guardian Soul and Aether Factor ? (Global) i now i can make units like that but i never saw a weapon guide if yes how

in the units process im going to skip the veteran resolve and wait for a mark capsule

i also have 3 grand precision on my units do i have any possible way to save then in the process ?