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I know is not NA sega's fault but please sega before NGS kisks in GET RID OF THE MONKEY IN CHARGE OF MALES OUTFITS, this is the only mmo i've ever seen were male outfits are uncanningly way too inferior to females outfits and before someone hits me with the "in every mmo females outfits are better" i just want to make you know that in games like blade and soul or FFXIV the outfits are graet on both gender, and i know that in NGS the concept pf gender doesn't exist but i still want good male looking stuff cuz even tho i like to focus on getting the best gear and affixis i also wanna do it while looking fabulous >:3 (i'm aware of the fact that Lusters outfits are the best looking male outfit but it was this fact that made me write this non-serious looking post)

Otakus and NEETs or some other stereotypical reason here?

I don't think so, I do like them:D

I agree, I have trouble dressing my male alts because most of the outfits are not appealing to me. When I do find a potential outfit there’s always got to be an extra accessory like a gaudy belt or something that ruins it. There’s a reason before the revival, the sleekest looking male outfits were very expensive, heck even basic things now like the labcoat are still absurdly expensive. People want less clutter in their outfits, that much is apparent from the shop prices.

Please consider more variety and for pete’s sake stop adding one glaringly obnoxious detail to a good outfit.

I like the current selection personally, so I wouldn't go as far as you OP. But more variety is never a bad thing, so I'm down with asking for it.

@_Flux_ your post just made realise that the real problem stands on the fact that there are not so many options when it comes to male outfits thats why to me it seemed that there was so bad