[Mn Studios] Experienced Gaming Community looking for Members to grow with in PSO2

MN Studios is a 5 year old Gaming and Entertainment Family/Community, we just recently Founded an Alliance within PSO2 but we've been around for the last 5 years in many Games from MMO's to Shooters.

A close knit community always looking for new Games and Challenges to overcome together and Phantasy Star Online 2 is a New Challenge we've decided to take on and would love to find members who are looking to Grow with us.

Current Goals- Level up and experience all of the Content we can get our hands on.

We Prioritize Enhancing each others experience within PSO2 and will never strong arm anyone into doing something they don't want to do(we're here to help each other enjoy the game to its full potential not dictate what you need to do to have a good experience) and we try to schedule regular group exercises.

Play-style- We can be Hardcore at times and at other times Casual, this game is 50% social and I believe it's best enjoyed with Dedicated Groups and friends to play with, just jump in and see what you feel like doing-- And we'll do our best to provide the tools for that Play-style.

Alliance Quarters-(Ship 01: Feoh) We currently have a Level 5 Alliance and will be upgrading the Tree ASAP, as we advance and grow Eventually we will be expanding into a Fully Upgraded Alliance Quarters.

Professionalism- We're a laid back Alliance but have no problem switching to serious when we need to, I personally have over 10 years of Community management experience and 5-10 years Guild leader experience. Some of our Community staff and PSO2 leadership has been working with each other for 15+ years which creates a productive drama free environment.

Timezones- The current leadership is based in EST/UTC-5 but I actively recruit in slow time slots 24/7 to build a consistent presence at all times of the day 7 days a week.

Rules are Simple, don't be a jerk and help out when you can. Discord isn't required and we're pretty much looking for all types of players.

Major Decisions will always be brought to a vote and early members will have Priority when it comes to leadership positions in the future.

But mostly Lets just have fun and Git Gud together.

Links and Contact Info- Discord Message Shixx In-Game or NinjaShixx on Xbox or join the Discord and mention the PSO2 Alliance if you're interested.

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