Why can't I find Lumithread hairpins in player shops?

I don't know whether it's just me, but every once in a while I run into a situation where an item just will not show in the player shop search at all, regardless of if I see people running around wearing it. Is this just me? Or is this item no-trade? (Odd for an AC scratch...)

Lumithread Hairpin: Purple

has some results from what I can tell. As a reminder, the AC Scratch gives a "Set Box," which is not tradable/marketable, but the items inside the set boxes are.


Anyone wanna tell me what I'm doing wrong? ^^;

@Policroma-Sol Don't hit the "Search" next to the Item Name field, just hit "Search by Price" at the bottom. Candidate Search is wonky due to the item cache, so it is always best just to ignore it when you have the full name of the item you are looking for.

I had no idea that would work. I thought I was trapped within that caching bug. Thanks.