Are Global and Japan servers in sync now?

With the Luster and level 100 cap out now, are Global and Japan servers in sync now or are we still behind on content? If behind, are we just one update away from the Japan servers? What content should we expect before NGS comes out?

We are not yet in sync as we are still missing the new Challenge Quest, the final boss Emergency Quest (and all of the equipment/affixes related to that), and I recall we do not have the "Mourning of Demise" Emergency Quest yet but I do recall seeing this on the schedule.

After that the only thing I can see that is glaring would be the graphical update when that comes around and hopefully potentially getting the older equipment available even if only for functional and cosmetic purposes (such as getting Helen Bathina or an alternative to it as an all-class mobility-katana).

I believe some of the PSF Discord people said that we don't have the Epilogue yet either. So probably another two weeks until that (Which is when Japan is getting engine update) so we won't be getting engine update for a little while after JP does.

From what I can see we're still missing:

  • one challenge quest
  • one ultimate quest
  • 2 urgent quests
  • the epilogue
  • the weapons from their current 15* collection file
  • several quests are still missing a XH difficulty
  • various other things like OT weapon skins

Receptors got added?

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Epilogue is added, we have legitimately all of the story on Global.


Is the epilogue just the boat load of substories added after you beat the main story?