Luster Volt bonus bug

The talent luster volt bonus in skill tree is bugged. It say "Trigger shifta and deband when 100 volt" But it wont trigger. I try at 100 volt, 1000 volt even 10k volt, it wont trigger the buff

(Sorry for my bad Eng :c )

Did you learn Shifta/Deband/Megiverse/Zanverse on your character? If you did it will trigger the uncharged versions of those techniques for you when you apply the appropriate mechanics (every 100 Voltage for Shfita/Deband, holding the jump button after an attack or while staying still in the air for Slash Rise/Slash Fall for Megiverse/Zanverse).

Ohhh I see, i need to learn it! (I created a new chara for luster thats why) Thanks a lot ^^

@Naifu If you have Excubes to spare you can easily pick up Level 17 versions of those techniques from the Excube Shop as well to simply have those techniques already (unless you had them laying around elsewhere).

Yea i know that ^^ Thanks again :3