ANY reason to attempt Ofze set?

Topic. I notice it takes 100 Ares stones, which drops only from the Ultimate boss. 100 each. Given 100 Void fragments will get you the 13 star Trailblazer set, which is more or less superior, why would anyone want the 13 star Ofze set given how difficult it is to obtain without actually being better? Is this some relic of the JP version that just got added too late like Schvelle?

I heard that the selling point of the 13star Ofze set is that they provide higher HP.

@BloodyKyona 13* Ofze were introduced together with Dark Falz Luther Ultra Hard in the JP version last June, they're comparable to the 13* Trailblazer units, but any of the current units are gonna be obsolete once the Cras series releases (which drop from the final boss urgent or can be obtained on Zig, but will cost alot of Modules).

Thirteen-star Ofze units, Thirteen-star Trailblazer units, Thirteen-star Atlas units, and Cras units are your best goals if you wanted to prepare yourself for the end-game because these are the units you will see in the very high-end side of things.

You may still see Liberate/Rivalrate units but the Ofze, Trailblazer, and Atlas units are all "recent" on the Japanese side in comparison so those will have much better mileage until you get around to building the Cras units.

If you want to get into endgame immediately, buy Rivalate (Edit: I mean Novel). They are extremely easy to obtain and their defense is second only to Cras. You'll be surviving hits even as a FoPh on Ultra Hard UQs. You can then work towards units that have a better balance of offense and defense... or just wait for Cras. It doesn't matter that much in my experience, honestly.

@_Flux_ That's incorrect, Trailblazer and Ofze not only have higher defenses than Rivalate, they also have more HP and resistances.

1x Novel + 2x Rivalate are somewhat comparable to Trailblazer and Ofze in everything except for PP and resistances though.

@Ezodagrom Sorry; I had Novel and Rivalate mixed up. Thanks for the correction.

To the OP: See the comparison here for Novel vs. Cras.

With unlimited persona triggers, 13* trailblazer would be the best all rounder units to get other than Cras. Novel is a defensive focused set while Rivalate and Atlas are more offensive focused set. Ofze series isn't that worth it on global I guess as there wasn't years of getting Ares stones with no good place to spend it - you can only buy OT 13* Ares weapons and 1 13* parfait with them.

I do have a set of Ofze 13* units on an alt in JP since they gave out a free set of 12* version of it and it finally gave me a place to use my ares stones and have like unlimited pure photons/ultimate boosters anyways.

@_Flux_ Novel alone just don't have enough PP for the end game.

Which is the easiest or fastest to work towards? I think my units might be outdated for the newest content now.

@Ezodagrom said in ANY reason to attempt Ofze set?:

Novel alone just don't have enough PP for the end game

Are we talking endgame as in "handling Ultra Hard UQs effortlessly" or endgame as in "I want to do depth 999 Sodam," because so far Novel is very sufficient for the former. I figure it makes a great starting point while you're working towards the units beyond it, especially since it only costs badges. Plus, you're gonna need to re-affix to get an S6-S8 on there anyway; having to do it on novels means you can just S-transfer them on when you get the better ones.

Win-win situation IMO.

EDIT: Also, thanks for the heads up on the 1x Novel and 2x Rivalate. I actually was just waiting for Cras, but I do want more PP, so that gives me something to work towards.

Does Anga Fundarge drop ares stones at 76+ or 71+? I have 185 of them lying around, so may as well make 2 Austere units for my ranger alt.

@_Flux_ I meant for UH in general, players that only use novel will be very starved for PP.

Without counting augments, a full Novel set gives a total of 9 PP, while the other current UH sets give alot more (Trailblazer gives 48, Ofze gives 36, both Atlas and the 1x Novel + 2x Rivalate combo give 33, and even Schvelle gives 36).

The Cras set will be better than any of the current sets though, a total of 60 PP.

@Ezodagrom Ehh, there's solutions around that, but granted. From where I'm thinking, at least it gets your foot in the door so you're not a burden in UQs, and you can still work towards the more ideal stuff than takes longer. Can maybe mix it with Schvelle if you're particularly confident in your dodging skills and need that PP. But I never meant to suggest it as the final solution, just a stepping stone until you get the better stuff.

@_Flux_ Well, it also depends on the class, some classes don't depend on PP as much as others or have fast PP regeneration with normal attacks.

Classes like Force, Hero and Phantom need the PP though.